Standing at the Edge of the Unknown…

Are you aligned to limitation or flight?  Just follow your natural rhythm, feel the flow and move at the same pace, sometimes fast, sometimes slow.  As you move you are making choices, you are deciding what it is that feels right and true for you; yet as you are making these decisions and choices you are still moving and flowing.  Every new moment is in to the unknown, every new step taken is not yet fully developed or there are still many elements not yet present.  Do you question your whereabouts on a step-by-step basis, dear ones?  Not likely, thus it is here you might now come to recognize that you are always moving into the mysteries of your life and path, where the “unknown” will always be present.  Yet as one specifically attempts to look at a block of their life as unknown, this can bring the mind to a heightened awareness of control, control through evaluating, assessing and judging, purely on ones past experience of what the unknown could potentially mean.  With only a glimpse of the possibilities present the mind may intercede with doubts and fears of one’s abilities or resources to withstand this so-called “unknown”, and thus, immediately you are limiting what is ready to naturally unfold for you at this time.

Movement creates motion and action, and action creates new awareness.  New awareness allows one to further remove their illusive obstacles and roadblocks, and thus, a momentum or rhythm can be created.  Yes, it is this momentum that creates the foundation for flight. The general flow of your own technique and processing of what you are experiencing either sets you in full rolling motion or, if the mind is allowed to interfere and control, you are in for one bumpy ride that may never really go far.  You see dear ones, although it may seem like a wise thing to utilize your mind to control and masterly manipulate your movement, this can cause one to get stuck, even stagnant, left on a fence to rot away.  Making decisions with your head only will limit even the slightest movement forward; it will create a drag on your momentum that depletes your energies and drive to action.  Yet, as you include your senses and follow your heart, discerning feelings and “knowing” of core Truth, it is then that your pace begins to accelerate and your own joy begins to fuel your motion and rhythm, to accelerate more, to move easier and swifter in your stride, motion and action.

Then, it is here, where your focus is forward and fueled with your passions and intentions.  It is here that you begin to feel lighter, and it is here that one takes flight up, up, up in to the unknown, beyond their past, beyond their mundane.  Up, up, up, consistent and continuous motion and rhythm all your own, as you fly now and experience what you have never known before, knowing you are safe, knowing you are on your right path and knowing that everything from here on will also be unknown.

Where there is desire dear ones, there is a launching pad being created and, as you keep your movement and stride to your own rhythm and joy, it is here you will take flight every time, with a song in your heart!

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