Your Dreams: An Inspired Reality

Take the lead on life dear ones; step forward and right on in to your best life ever!  Turn your lights on within and cast the shadows away!  Begin to feel what is calling to you now, what creates excitement inside and leaves you tingly from your head to your toes.  This is not a superficial force here but is a potent creative power that runs deep within you and ignites you cell by cell.  A borrowed version of a passionate master artist at work creating his one-of-a-kind masterpiece, starting with an individual scope and perception of what is unique and outstandingly present in your mind, as a thought or image, then is carried forward by your own delivery system and processing, into its magnificent form and presentation.

Yes, all your dreams come forth from within you, each one, all your own unique design and outlay.  Yet the dream is not limited or defined by its thought or idea; hardly even a speck of what is coming to be actualized.  Your dreams come to be awakened by inspiration, like a seed that just received its first drink of water and fertilizer, along with its first burst of warmth from the sun shining on its soil environment.  It is here that the inspiration begins to nurture the awakening, step-by-step, as one begins to welcome and freely receive the information and ideas, coming forth to build upon the original dream foundation.  As one remains open to the vast array and unique scope of information, a sorting process begins as to what may stay and what must go, in this vision or concept being created.  It is all a mere building phase of this newly awakened dream, yet unlike any other dream yet discovered or made to reality.

Dreaming is a work of art all on its own dear ones; this is denied by most, thought to be frivolous in nature or of just being “in your head”, and thus is not real.  Yet in all your Truth you are the master creator here and your dreams come to you for that purpose, to be further developed and to find their form here upon the Earth plane.  Pay attention; come to realize just how often this process takes place on any regular day of your living life.  Once given importance, there is no telling what you are about to create and fulfill.  This is an infinite opportunity since dreams are never really completed at all.  Each dream becomes the foundation for the next, and the next, and the next, yet it is in this firm foundation that your dreams can be built upon, that is, each dream is carried forth with tender nurturing care, so that the process may not be severed in any way, as more of who you are and coming to be continues to grow with each dream awakened, nurtured and brought to life by you, for you in fulfillment of your life path.

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