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Self-Proclamation:A Profound Recognition of Who You Are

As you see yourself, what are your most important assets?  What jumps out at you, as what you love most about yourself?  When you speak of yourself, are you looking at the total package of who you are or, do you define yourself as separate pieces that are acting independently?  How do you go about your day this way if each fragment is moving in different directions, with different intentions?  Do you feel a bit drained or weary; operating from a disjointed processing of what is right and true for you?  One must first start here, it is time to first unite yourself with every part of yourself, within your being and outside of your being.  Allowing your mind to be free of what this “should” look like will also be important to you finding true recognition of what is taking place, inside of you as well as outside of you.

Connecting the pieces with a common thread such as “love-of-self” will most certainly create a solid foundation for understanding.  If one does not understand “love-of-self” the rest, of what is coming to be recognized, will not have value or meaning and thus, may never be recognized in its importance to your “whole”.  With value and worth in your recognition one can then come to know their true purpose, their authentic drive and passions, which moves them forward, keeps them alive and renews their powers to be utilized in their creative manifesting process.  Realize, here and now, you begin to comprehend your own inputs and outputs that fill your life with meaning and joy in who you are.  It is then one can find clarity in their self-proclamation; the words just flow, from their own heart and soul, out of their mouth with confidence, purpose and meaning.

As you hear yourself speak self-affirmations you drive their meaning and purpose deeper into your being, creating an even stronger connection to each and every part of who you are, inside and out.  Thus, you are delivered anew to be this unique and important being in all you do.  Every next new step taken forward confirms and supports your importance of just being who you are.

Open and Clear Your Channel

Clear the way for brilliance dear ones, not in your IQ, not in your education or intelligence level.  This is about the pathway or channel for clear inspired Knowing and Truth, that which comes directly from your core-Knowing and heart-Wisdom.  Brilliance means the Light is on, that nothing is able to be blocked out, clouded or hidden; to allow that which is needed and necessary to come forth and be awakened to consciousness, to be revealed to your conscious mind and active creating process.  Brilliance is alive and vital; its energy is electric and fortified with motivating powers.  If fear is present, there will only be a dulled version of what is being birthed.

Fear constricts and sabotages brilliance.  It creates blockage and paralysis to movement, action and progress.  Fear is the enemy to your Light of Knowing and Truth, as it creates a dark cloud of mind illusion, which manifests into an intricate webbing of stagnation and depression.  Why hold yourself back this way, dear ones?  Why allow such toxins to intrude upon your brilliance and declare war with your creative powers?  There’s no need for this rivalry.  Once fear is recognized as the invasive intruder, it is then you may deliver it to its demise, by allowing your Light of brilliance to shine forth in its full power.  There are many elements in place here that may now come forth to join your creative and inventive process.  Elements and resources that can only come through you, into their respective place in the masterpiece you are presently creating.  You focusing on allowing your channel to be clear and untainted, bring forth this brilliance to an even higher level of strength and power.  It is here you then arrive.

Yes, you now arrive to that place where your now brilliant open channel is able to fully receive the Divine Inspiration that waits to be known; the “AHA” you have been waiting for, seeking and yearning for its arrival in thought, in an idea, in a feeling or sensing.  This moment of Divine Intervention is relished in its greatness, honored for its courageous entry, out of what seems like nowhere.  The heart is ignited and filled with a rejuvenating joy of Truth, Truth that is yours, Truth that only you could unveil, and Truth that is now ready to be shared with your world.  What are you waiting for?

As Fear is Removed…the “AHA” Appears

Starry, starry night, deep into the mysteries of your life, as you cross over into the unknown you come to realize what you never thought could be possible, from where you just stood that moment before.  Hesitant are you?  What would ever be your reason for this delay in your forward steps in time and growth, as the adventure awaits you?  You hear it and sense it calling to you, pleading for your forthcoming out of your very comfortable comfort zone.  Then, you come to realize your own discomfort does not lie in the mysterious unknown but in the breaking free from what has placed you so very carefully in your box.  As you seek a way out to venture into this unknown you become filled with fear and doubt, as to its legitimacy.  What if it is not real and then what can one do if he cannot go back from where he came?  What will happen if one does not know what the next steps should be, after the first steps are already made?  Will I fail to see the right way?  Will I lose track of where I am and of those I’ve left behind?  Are these some of the questions that haunt you dear ones?  Are these your ways of reasoning, for staying put in your safe zone of illusion?

You hear the call; your heart yearns to unite with the magnetic pull it senses, with delight. Your mind begins to visualize what may be forthcoming, creating an even stronger pull toward this mysterious unknown.  A knowing exists that this is where the new pieces lie that may complete a masterpiece being created.  Rejoicing is your Spirit as it too cannot resist the call to be renewed and touched by this mysterious energetic delight.  Once allowed, the entire being, body, mind and Spirit removes what is stopping fulfillment, annihilating  that which is paralyzing progress and needed action, overriding this illusive, yet powerful force of fear, freeing your being body, mind and Spirit, to receive the greatness that lies ahead.  The Light goes on once again and the intervention takes place, as the insight comes out of what seems like nowhere to enter the path of where you are now going.

United and whole you become once again enlightened with a brilliance only you could have received, only meant for you and you alone.  A Divine gift of extraordinary composition entrusted to you, and you now understand why!

Freedom Requires Your Acceptance

Ready begin, yes begin right now, there’s no need to evaluate or analyze your next step; now is as good a time as you can get.  Begin what is new, as every step is a new step, dear ones.  Be alert to your call to be a free spirit, to adventure into the unknown “next” that awaits you.  Let down your guard, are you wound too tight?  Your freedom requires your acceptance, as it is here you are able to fully receive all that is needed and necessary, for nourishing your wellbeing.  What are you afraid of here, is it the potential changes that may or may not take place?

Change is inevitable; you can count on change to be an ever-present element in your days and life journey.  This should bring you comfort as change is one reality you can always count on.  It is everything built around that change, the expectations, the dreams and the desires, and it is here dear ones, where your own fear resides.  It is not in the change of what’s taking place but in the “what-ifs” that the change may trigger.  Your own perspective, your doubts or fears that are triggered and prevail, the greater you feel a change may be.  As the greater the change may be that may also mean the greater the loss, the greater the workload, or the greater the uncertainty of managing that change.  Yet, this is the place in time where acceptance is Grace for your smooth transition.  This is the place where a leap-of-faith completely frees you to find your way to new understanding and new ground.  This is the place where a clean slate resides as all the elements have come together to form a critical mass, elements that were all attracted to this place of change, just for this main event of your transformation.  This is the time to celebrate with joy, a time to feel secure and certain of your own worth and readiness to release what is no longer working or healthy, and to find renewal, rejuvenation and clarity in simplicity once again.  Acceptance of your fate is a sure way to bring yourself exactly everything you need, right here, right now.  Just let it all in, receive whatever is coming forth now with the understanding that it is all in its Divine time, to be a part of your changing moments right here, right now.

So you see, you are always beginning again, not one thing stays the same and all for the love of your growth and evolution, a gift to be granted to those who find acceptance in the “all” of their precious life experience.  Begin now again, anew, free and spirited, alive, fresh and willing to accept the gifts of your lifetime that await you now.

Allowing Acceptance to Transform Us

Fact or fiction, does it really matter dear ones?  Do you really think that everything you see with your eyes is only interpreted by just your eyes alone?  As you walk through your day are you looking for the scientific properties of everything you come into contact with, everything you may see, sense or hear?  How does one move out of their own limitations of concrete matter and facts, to bring a greater awareness to their living days?  Simply allow what is being experienced to be fully experienced, this is your start to acceptance.

Acceptance is about fully receiving all that is present to be received, during those moments you are aware of the situation you are presently experiencing.  Acceptance is not complicated, it is simply an easy flow of natural steps or events that are allowed to move freely and seamlessly, in and out of your life experience.  Acceptance can be an intention set for the mind to remain open and unblocked, as you move along your path, free of doubt and fears that carry potential blockage of your steady, consistent flow of life events. You are not without choice here, this is not about wandering aimlessly without rhythm, rhyme, or reason; one is always in their power and ready to steer their ship.  Acceptance brings you everything you need to make those choices, to find clarity or, to find whatever it is you might need during your life flow and process.  Will struggle still be present?  Of course, if you allow it.  Will pain or suffering still be present?  Of course, if you choose that path.  Acceptance will not prevent interference, undesired elements or oppositions.  What it will do is allow you to receive all that you need for bringing your creation to fruition.  As you accept you receive, as you receive you discern your options and choices.  As you discern those options and choices you are then able to create new options and choices, new ground with which to move forward upon, new resources and elements of which to utilize in your actualizing and manifestation process.  With this, one is shifted and changed in every way, on all levels of their being.

As one finds acceptance in what is taking place and coming forth to be experienced they are then receiving all the benefits of what is now and newly available, and thus may create or choose from, a vast array of available changes.  Thus what was, is no more, and what is, is new, fresh, rejuvenated and whole, ready and prepared to begin the process of acceptance and change once again;  a joy-filled way to live life to its fullest potentials, dear ones.  Whether you see all the details or not, it will only be as real as you accept it to be.

Euphoria…A Natural Condition

Criticism, judgment, control…how are you flowing this way dear ones?  Finding delight in everything you are and in everything you do, now that is living your life.  Remove those narrow thoughts and definitions of what is being perceived and find your way back to the open space around you, and inside of you.  Burdens are heavy, the weight crushing the Spirit at times.  This will draw all your attention from the goodness and well-being that awaits your reception.  As you move forward, take each step with a knowing of its perfection, as perfection is what you already are.  Mingle with the moments of your life as if they were your best friends at a fine social celebration.  Feel the wonder of the mystery of each new-founded fact, inspired thought or vision, in each breath that is exchanged within.  Deliver yourself from all chaos and upheaval, and find the quiet and peaceful space which to tune-in to your inner-self.

Beyond all your dreams and desires lies the Truth that you are an Eternal being; a Spirit of unlimited powers and proportions that may be experienced at any point along your journey, yet only through your awareness of its existence, or presence.  What are you waiting for?  Remove yourself from whatever re-directs your forward attention and find your way with your keen senses, to the path you must follow because that path is you, the true and authentic you.  Above and below meld together here upon this path as everything you know, see and feel resonates with joy, joy that confirms your choice of that direction, to be right and true for you.  No second-guessing here dear ones, no doubts, no fears what-so-ever; united you stand, united above and below and everything in-between.  An integrity only you can know, that you are fully present, fulfilled and abundantly in the flow of all that is right and true for you.  This dear ones, ignites the heart and emits rays of colorful light energy that cannot be denied by any one soul that is blessed to experience its presence.

Be here now, remove yourself from being in your own way of being here now, as you can now experience this natural euphoric way of living your life, each and every step of the way forward, not another moment to go by any other way.  Just keep the Light on and flow the rest.

Get Out of Your Own Way!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?  What do you see when you look into your reflection dear ones, where do your eyes first go?  What are the first thoughts that run through your mind?  Do you find the first opportunity to regard your perceived flaws or defects?  Do you have a hard time staring at what is being reflected back at you, that you must quickly look away in order to not see some Truth, attempting to be revealed?  Do you ever look deep into your eyes and see your soul?  Do you smile back at the unconditional innocent being, coming forth in your reflection?

Remove whatever inhibits your full acceptance now, dear ones, there’s not a moment to lose when it is needlessly wasted on self-judgment or self-criticism; “Love-thy-self”, inside and out.  Love all and every part of you, head-to-toes and everything in-between, including your where-bouts at this very moment in time.  There is no time to waste when considering your perception of time.  You are an infinite being within a gifted vehicle called “your body”.  Love is what fuels this beautiful gift of body and soul, love that can take you from here to eternity.  If your car was empty of gas would it not just sit idle and rust away?  The same for your ‘vehicle”, physical and spiritual, “fill-er-up” dear ones and let your life flow in this joy-ride through your days you’ve been blessed to live and breathe.

One gets out of their own way simply by being their self, simply by loving their self just as they are, and simply by allowing the changes they dream or desire to come forth to them, and through them, as they welcome each gifted moment to fuel their living days with all the love they are capable of, giving and receiving.  The rest always follows; the rest is just that, those Divine unknowable blessings that flood into your life scene simply because they can, because there is nothing in their way, including your own self.  Create the opening for the unexpected; realize your importance as the vessel and vehicle for creating what is now coming forth to add life to your life.  Beyond a narrow mind lies the vast, open world of the infinite possibilities, options and opportunities.  Remove the limitations you have so carefully in place and get out of your own way for the coming forth of all that now dreams or desires to fruition to form.

Clear the Way to Your Heart

Realize, right now, where you are, that you are where you are because it matters, it, your life, you, who you are, everything you bring to your world, all that you give and all that you receive.  Yes dear ones, even that which you receive matters, allowing the natural process of flow, there will always be a sender or giver and there will always be a receptor or a receiver.  This matters as this is how balance is kept in and on your world, within you and outside of you.  What matters dear ones is the love-of-self, for as you love your-self so to shall you flow love, giving love and receiving love.  Love is an eternal Source and thus, as you flow love, you are expanding its volume and depth.  Here love is in a constant and consistent growth and expansion process, readily available for any and all to receive.

Breakthrough your old barriers, remove your old skins that no longer serve you.  Release all inhibitions stopping or blocking your love flow and find now the Truth of where you are and who you are, as that is what matters.  As you stand in your perfect moment in time, come to realize your worth and importance, to this expansion of love in your world.  Discover the piece or part you play in the unveiling and unfolding of every being, to be tapped into the flow, to assist or model the importance of each individual participant in coming forth with their part of the whole; all is a choice.  Do you stand back and watch or do you come forth ready for action and participation in this connected world of loving beings?

Simply put, come to recognize just how easy and serene life can always be with your full attention to be in your part , of just being you, whole and authentic you, while sharing this experience with all, flowing love in its greatest abundance ever known.  Clear the path to love now.  Clear the way to your heart now.  Let your love flow…let it flow…let it flow…let it flow!

Unburden your Life and Embrace What Matters!

Do you take the time to stop all the running and listen intently to what is really going on around you, and inside of you, dear ones?  How much this is needed and necessary for your flow of well-being, for your coming together within in a balanced way, that brings you forth understanding and clarity, depth to your life and what you are presently experiencing.  Let go of anything that would be holding you back, restraining your flow within.  Inhibitions or limited thinking that causes your reactions or attempts of control, rather than just responding in an ever-so-fluid manner; no extremes are present here.  Yes, it is in the extremes, of any kind, that will force one to feel or act in a controlled manner, rather than to just easily adapt to the situation or circumstances, and thus move forward in a progressive manner, in to what is coming forth to participate in.

Clear your clutter from your heads dear ones, peel the old layers of thinking, the old ways of behaving or reacting, and allow the regeneration of self and well-being to arrive and be present for your maturing process, your consistent evolutionary process that only brings you to Higher Ground of understanding and clarity.  This Higher Ground holds opportunity, opportunity to expand and grow in love-of-self and wisdom-of-the-heart.  This is a consistent building process as love is eternal, yet like any process, one must make their forward movement through choices, all on their own.  Not one step forward can be forced, as this would be a fallacy and against all the laws of natural progression.  It may seem at times that you feel nudged or even somehow placed in a situation you feel you never chose yet, in Truth dear ones, everything is a choice somewhere down the line of your path, and every single situation is an opportunity for new choices to re-direct that path, in a whole new direction.

This is what matters, love-of-self and freewill-of-choice, this is always present and readily available, no matter where you feel or perceive you are upon your path, or whatever direction you feel/sense you are going.  Your heart and Spirit are always accessible to guide and assist in navigating your movement and progress to Higher Ground, and as you build your awareness to this ever-present Omnipotent energy of self-love, it is then you will feel, sense and know well-being always exists for you, in every situation, circumstance or experience.  It is here that one’s faith becomes sound and firm in who they are, that their life matters and that they are always free to choose.