Get Out of Your Own Way!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?  What do you see when you look into your reflection dear ones, where do your eyes first go?  What are the first thoughts that run through your mind?  Do you find the first opportunity to regard your perceived flaws or defects?  Do you have a hard time staring at what is being reflected back at you, that you must quickly look away in order to not see some Truth, attempting to be revealed?  Do you ever look deep into your eyes and see your soul?  Do you smile back at the unconditional innocent being, coming forth in your reflection?

Remove whatever inhibits your full acceptance now, dear ones, there’s not a moment to lose when it is needlessly wasted on self-judgment or self-criticism; “Love-thy-self”, inside and out.  Love all and every part of you, head-to-toes and everything in-between, including your where-bouts at this very moment in time.  There is no time to waste when considering your perception of time.  You are an infinite being within a gifted vehicle called “your body”.  Love is what fuels this beautiful gift of body and soul, love that can take you from here to eternity.  If your car was empty of gas would it not just sit idle and rust away?  The same for your ‘vehicle”, physical and spiritual, “fill-er-up” dear ones and let your life flow in this joy-ride through your days you’ve been blessed to live and breathe.

One gets out of their own way simply by being their self, simply by loving their self just as they are, and simply by allowing the changes they dream or desire to come forth to them, and through them, as they welcome each gifted moment to fuel their living days with all the love they are capable of, giving and receiving.  The rest always follows; the rest is just that, those Divine unknowable blessings that flood into your life scene simply because they can, because there is nothing in their way, including your own self.  Create the opening for the unexpected; realize your importance as the vessel and vehicle for creating what is now coming forth to add life to your life.  Beyond a narrow mind lies the vast, open world of the infinite possibilities, options and opportunities.  Remove the limitations you have so carefully in place and get out of your own way for the coming forth of all that now dreams or desires to fruition to form.

7 thoughts on “Get Out of Your Own Way!

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