Euphoria…A Natural Condition

Criticism, judgment, control…how are you flowing this way dear ones?  Finding delight in everything you are and in everything you do, now that is living your life.  Remove those narrow thoughts and definitions of what is being perceived and find your way back to the open space around you, and inside of you.  Burdens are heavy, the weight crushing the Spirit at times.  This will draw all your attention from the goodness and well-being that awaits your reception.  As you move forward, take each step with a knowing of its perfection, as perfection is what you already are.  Mingle with the moments of your life as if they were your best friends at a fine social celebration.  Feel the wonder of the mystery of each new-founded fact, inspired thought or vision, in each breath that is exchanged within.  Deliver yourself from all chaos and upheaval, and find the quiet and peaceful space which to tune-in to your inner-self.

Beyond all your dreams and desires lies the Truth that you are an Eternal being; a Spirit of unlimited powers and proportions that may be experienced at any point along your journey, yet only through your awareness of its existence, or presence.  What are you waiting for?  Remove yourself from whatever re-directs your forward attention and find your way with your keen senses, to the path you must follow because that path is you, the true and authentic you.  Above and below meld together here upon this path as everything you know, see and feel resonates with joy, joy that confirms your choice of that direction, to be right and true for you.  No second-guessing here dear ones, no doubts, no fears what-so-ever; united you stand, united above and below and everything in-between.  An integrity only you can know, that you are fully present, fulfilled and abundantly in the flow of all that is right and true for you.  This dear ones, ignites the heart and emits rays of colorful light energy that cannot be denied by any one soul that is blessed to experience its presence.

Be here now, remove yourself from being in your own way of being here now, as you can now experience this natural euphoric way of living your life, each and every step of the way forward, not another moment to go by any other way.  Just keep the Light on and flow the rest.

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