Allowing Acceptance to Transform Us

Fact or fiction, does it really matter dear ones?  Do you really think that everything you see with your eyes is only interpreted by just your eyes alone?  As you walk through your day are you looking for the scientific properties of everything you come into contact with, everything you may see, sense or hear?  How does one move out of their own limitations of concrete matter and facts, to bring a greater awareness to their living days?  Simply allow what is being experienced to be fully experienced, this is your start to acceptance.

Acceptance is about fully receiving all that is present to be received, during those moments you are aware of the situation you are presently experiencing.  Acceptance is not complicated, it is simply an easy flow of natural steps or events that are allowed to move freely and seamlessly, in and out of your life experience.  Acceptance can be an intention set for the mind to remain open and unblocked, as you move along your path, free of doubt and fears that carry potential blockage of your steady, consistent flow of life events. You are not without choice here, this is not about wandering aimlessly without rhythm, rhyme, or reason; one is always in their power and ready to steer their ship.  Acceptance brings you everything you need to make those choices, to find clarity or, to find whatever it is you might need during your life flow and process.  Will struggle still be present?  Of course, if you allow it.  Will pain or suffering still be present?  Of course, if you choose that path.  Acceptance will not prevent interference, undesired elements or oppositions.  What it will do is allow you to receive all that you need for bringing your creation to fruition.  As you accept you receive, as you receive you discern your options and choices.  As you discern those options and choices you are then able to create new options and choices, new ground with which to move forward upon, new resources and elements of which to utilize in your actualizing and manifestation process.  With this, one is shifted and changed in every way, on all levels of their being.

As one finds acceptance in what is taking place and coming forth to be experienced they are then receiving all the benefits of what is now and newly available, and thus may create or choose from, a vast array of available changes.  Thus what was, is no more, and what is, is new, fresh, rejuvenated and whole, ready and prepared to begin the process of acceptance and change once again;  a joy-filled way to live life to its fullest potentials, dear ones.  Whether you see all the details or not, it will only be as real as you accept it to be.

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