Freedom Requires Your Acceptance

Ready begin, yes begin right now, there’s no need to evaluate or analyze your next step; now is as good a time as you can get.  Begin what is new, as every step is a new step, dear ones.  Be alert to your call to be a free spirit, to adventure into the unknown “next” that awaits you.  Let down your guard, are you wound too tight?  Your freedom requires your acceptance, as it is here you are able to fully receive all that is needed and necessary, for nourishing your wellbeing.  What are you afraid of here, is it the potential changes that may or may not take place?

Change is inevitable; you can count on change to be an ever-present element in your days and life journey.  This should bring you comfort as change is one reality you can always count on.  It is everything built around that change, the expectations, the dreams and the desires, and it is here dear ones, where your own fear resides.  It is not in the change of what’s taking place but in the “what-ifs” that the change may trigger.  Your own perspective, your doubts or fears that are triggered and prevail, the greater you feel a change may be.  As the greater the change may be that may also mean the greater the loss, the greater the workload, or the greater the uncertainty of managing that change.  Yet, this is the place in time where acceptance is Grace for your smooth transition.  This is the place where a leap-of-faith completely frees you to find your way to new understanding and new ground.  This is the place where a clean slate resides as all the elements have come together to form a critical mass, elements that were all attracted to this place of change, just for this main event of your transformation.  This is the time to celebrate with joy, a time to feel secure and certain of your own worth and readiness to release what is no longer working or healthy, and to find renewal, rejuvenation and clarity in simplicity once again.  Acceptance of your fate is a sure way to bring yourself exactly everything you need, right here, right now.  Just let it all in, receive whatever is coming forth now with the understanding that it is all in its Divine time, to be a part of your changing moments right here, right now.

So you see, you are always beginning again, not one thing stays the same and all for the love of your growth and evolution, a gift to be granted to those who find acceptance in the “all” of their precious life experience.  Begin now again, anew, free and spirited, alive, fresh and willing to accept the gifts of your lifetime that await you now.

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