As Fear is Removed…the “AHA” Appears

Starry, starry night, deep into the mysteries of your life, as you cross over into the unknown you come to realize what you never thought could be possible, from where you just stood that moment before.  Hesitant are you?  What would ever be your reason for this delay in your forward steps in time and growth, as the adventure awaits you?  You hear it and sense it calling to you, pleading for your forthcoming out of your very comfortable comfort zone.  Then, you come to realize your own discomfort does not lie in the mysterious unknown but in the breaking free from what has placed you so very carefully in your box.  As you seek a way out to venture into this unknown you become filled with fear and doubt, as to its legitimacy.  What if it is not real and then what can one do if he cannot go back from where he came?  What will happen if one does not know what the next steps should be, after the first steps are already made?  Will I fail to see the right way?  Will I lose track of where I am and of those I’ve left behind?  Are these some of the questions that haunt you dear ones?  Are these your ways of reasoning, for staying put in your safe zone of illusion?

You hear the call; your heart yearns to unite with the magnetic pull it senses, with delight. Your mind begins to visualize what may be forthcoming, creating an even stronger pull toward this mysterious unknown.  A knowing exists that this is where the new pieces lie that may complete a masterpiece being created.  Rejoicing is your Spirit as it too cannot resist the call to be renewed and touched by this mysterious energetic delight.  Once allowed, the entire being, body, mind and Spirit removes what is stopping fulfillment, annihilating  that which is paralyzing progress and needed action, overriding this illusive, yet powerful force of fear, freeing your being body, mind and Spirit, to receive the greatness that lies ahead.  The Light goes on once again and the intervention takes place, as the insight comes out of what seems like nowhere to enter the path of where you are now going.

United and whole you become once again enlightened with a brilliance only you could have received, only meant for you and you alone.  A Divine gift of extraordinary composition entrusted to you, and you now understand why!

1 thought on “As Fear is Removed…the “AHA” Appears

  1. Angie

    WOW PAULA!!!!

    that is so powerful for me and it feels like it’s a sign or an answer to my prayers, in so many words.

    i just wanted to thank you for sending these channelings out to us and they are read and digested and in some cases, they are definitive signs that our prayers are being heard and answered XOXO


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