Open and Clear Your Channel

Clear the way for brilliance dear ones, not in your IQ, not in your education or intelligence level.  This is about the pathway or channel for clear inspired Knowing and Truth, that which comes directly from your core-Knowing and heart-Wisdom.  Brilliance means the Light is on, that nothing is able to be blocked out, clouded or hidden; to allow that which is needed and necessary to come forth and be awakened to consciousness, to be revealed to your conscious mind and active creating process.  Brilliance is alive and vital; its energy is electric and fortified with motivating powers.  If fear is present, there will only be a dulled version of what is being birthed.

Fear constricts and sabotages brilliance.  It creates blockage and paralysis to movement, action and progress.  Fear is the enemy to your Light of Knowing and Truth, as it creates a dark cloud of mind illusion, which manifests into an intricate webbing of stagnation and depression.  Why hold yourself back this way, dear ones?  Why allow such toxins to intrude upon your brilliance and declare war with your creative powers?  There’s no need for this rivalry.  Once fear is recognized as the invasive intruder, it is then you may deliver it to its demise, by allowing your Light of brilliance to shine forth in its full power.  There are many elements in place here that may now come forth to join your creative and inventive process.  Elements and resources that can only come through you, into their respective place in the masterpiece you are presently creating.  You focusing on allowing your channel to be clear and untainted, bring forth this brilliance to an even higher level of strength and power.  It is here you then arrive.

Yes, you now arrive to that place where your now brilliant open channel is able to fully receive the Divine Inspiration that waits to be known; the “AHA” you have been waiting for, seeking and yearning for its arrival in thought, in an idea, in a feeling or sensing.  This moment of Divine Intervention is relished in its greatness, honored for its courageous entry, out of what seems like nowhere.  The heart is ignited and filled with a rejuvenating joy of Truth, Truth that is yours, Truth that only you could unveil, and Truth that is now ready to be shared with your world.  What are you waiting for?

3 thoughts on “Open and Clear Your Channel

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