Self-Proclamation:A Profound Recognition of Who You Are

As you see yourself, what are your most important assets?  What jumps out at you, as what you love most about yourself?  When you speak of yourself, are you looking at the total package of who you are or, do you define yourself as separate pieces that are acting independently?  How do you go about your day this way if each fragment is moving in different directions, with different intentions?  Do you feel a bit drained or weary; operating from a disjointed processing of what is right and true for you?  One must first start here, it is time to first unite yourself with every part of yourself, within your being and outside of your being.  Allowing your mind to be free of what this “should” look like will also be important to you finding true recognition of what is taking place, inside of you as well as outside of you.

Connecting the pieces with a common thread such as “love-of-self” will most certainly create a solid foundation for understanding.  If one does not understand “love-of-self” the rest, of what is coming to be recognized, will not have value or meaning and thus, may never be recognized in its importance to your “whole”.  With value and worth in your recognition one can then come to know their true purpose, their authentic drive and passions, which moves them forward, keeps them alive and renews their powers to be utilized in their creative manifesting process.  Realize, here and now, you begin to comprehend your own inputs and outputs that fill your life with meaning and joy in who you are.  It is then one can find clarity in their self-proclamation; the words just flow, from their own heart and soul, out of their mouth with confidence, purpose and meaning.

As you hear yourself speak self-affirmations you drive their meaning and purpose deeper into your being, creating an even stronger connection to each and every part of who you are, inside and out.  Thus, you are delivered anew to be this unique and important being in all you do.  Every next new step taken forward confirms and supports your importance of just being who you are.

2 thoughts on “Self-Proclamation:A Profound Recognition of Who You Are

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