Monthly Archives: January 2011

Clear the Way to Your Heart

Realize, right now, where you are, that you are where you are because it matters, it, your life, you, who you are, everything you bring to your world, all that you give and all that you receive.  Yes dear ones, even that which you receive matters, allowing the natural process of flow, there will always be a sender or giver and there will always be a receptor or a receiver.  This matters as this is how balance is kept in and on your world, within you and outside of you.  What matters dear ones is the love-of-self, for as you love your-self so to shall you flow love, giving love and receiving love.  Love is an eternal Source and thus, as you flow love, you are expanding its volume and depth.  Here love is in a constant and consistent growth and expansion process, readily available for any and all to receive.

Breakthrough your old barriers, remove your old skins that no longer serve you.  Release all inhibitions stopping or blocking your love flow and find now the Truth of where you are and who you are, as that is what matters.  As you stand in your perfect moment in time, come to realize your worth and importance, to this expansion of love in your world.  Discover the piece or part you play in the unveiling and unfolding of every being, to be tapped into the flow, to assist or model the importance of each individual participant in coming forth with their part of the whole; all is a choice.  Do you stand back and watch or do you come forth ready for action and participation in this connected world of loving beings?

Simply put, come to recognize just how easy and serene life can always be with your full attention to be in your part , of just being you, whole and authentic you, while sharing this experience with all, flowing love in its greatest abundance ever known.  Clear the path to love now.  Clear the way to your heart now.  Let your love flow…let it flow…let it flow…let it flow!


Unburden your Life and Embrace What Matters!

Do you take the time to stop all the running and listen intently to what is really going on around you, and inside of you, dear ones?  How much this is needed and necessary for your flow of well-being, for your coming together within in a balanced way, that brings you forth understanding and clarity, depth to your life and what you are presently experiencing.  Let go of anything that would be holding you back, restraining your flow within.  Inhibitions or limited thinking that causes your reactions or attempts of control, rather than just responding in an ever-so-fluid manner; no extremes are present here.  Yes, it is in the extremes, of any kind, that will force one to feel or act in a controlled manner, rather than to just easily adapt to the situation or circumstances, and thus move forward in a progressive manner, in to what is coming forth to participate in.

Clear your clutter from your heads dear ones, peel the old layers of thinking, the old ways of behaving or reacting, and allow the regeneration of self and well-being to arrive and be present for your maturing process, your consistent evolutionary process that only brings you to Higher Ground of understanding and clarity.  This Higher Ground holds opportunity, opportunity to expand and grow in love-of-self and wisdom-of-the-heart.  This is a consistent building process as love is eternal, yet like any process, one must make their forward movement through choices, all on their own.  Not one step forward can be forced, as this would be a fallacy and against all the laws of natural progression.  It may seem at times that you feel nudged or even somehow placed in a situation you feel you never chose yet, in Truth dear ones, everything is a choice somewhere down the line of your path, and every single situation is an opportunity for new choices to re-direct that path, in a whole new direction.

This is what matters, love-of-self and freewill-of-choice, this is always present and readily available, no matter where you feel or perceive you are upon your path, or whatever direction you feel/sense you are going.  Your heart and Spirit are always accessible to guide and assist in navigating your movement and progress to Higher Ground, and as you build your awareness to this ever-present Omnipotent energy of self-love, it is then you will feel, sense and know well-being always exists for you, in every situation, circumstance or experience.  It is here that one’s faith becomes sound and firm in who they are, that their life matters and that they are always free to choose.