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Activate Your Essential Power!

Essential is that which is necessary and needed, something important to the well-being of what or who is the subject being observed.  Turn your Light on within yourself; ignite your flame of life-force, and Truth in knowing all that you are right now.  Begin to elaborate on what comes into your consciousness at this time, that which is being revealed, and reveled, for the first time for you.  Let down your guard here and become one with all that has newly developed and unfolded into the scene now in play.  Get closer to the inner Light of Truth and knowing, allow this revelation to be put under a microscope, so you may become more familiar with its multi-dimensional elements and nature.

Recognizing your essence, or essential power, is only a piece to what is coming forth at this time.  One cannot experience this magnificence until it is ignited within, ignited by your own passion and desire for this gifted resource, to now be in its fullness and full flowing capacity.  You decide here dear ones, once recognized you decide to feed the flame of this power within, or to just let it burn out.  As you feed your essence of power you begin to meld with its potentials and unique characteristics that are designed specifically for you.  There is no denying your individual understanding of this phenomenon you now possess.  With your mind wide open and you fueling the fire of this passionate power, you are fed infinitely, tried and true; you are nurtured beyond body, mind and Spirit, internally and externally.  You are now delivered a-new with a clear understanding of what is needed for your next steps in being all that you are, inside and out, as you flow this magnificence without resistance, that is one with you now.

Now you realize what was there all along.  You realize there’s only going forward now, one with the True essence of you, wholly individual and your innocence intact, one with “the all” of everything that surrounds you now.  You are complete once again…delivered a-new.

Break the Mold!

Break the mold dear ones, and start out on a new, clear, fresh path ahead.  Do you fear leaving pieces of your “old” life behind?  Does “what if I still need this or that” enter the thought process, as you are moving forward?  Why are you even “thinking” here?  Could it be time to take your forward steps simple and easy, to just follow your heart and let your instincts “add” or “clear” what is no longer needed and necessary in the situation you are now in?  “Decisions, decisions”, you say, yet have you not already decided?  Once one comes to the point of feeling the need to decide upon their choices, in Truth, that decision or choice was made long ago.  It is in our decisions and choices that we are led to our crossroads, once at that point of the fork-in-the-road, you are in tune with the right action needed to make that turn, right or left.  If you are in your flow dear ones, it is here grace enters your picture, like a Divine light from the Heavens, to illuminate your path and confirm your movement, for the needed choice that will keep you in your joy of your journey.

Grace is the highlight, the emphasis, the profound sense of something you have just newly discovered at that point in time.  The extraordinary in action is always in action, yet one is not always privy to its reality, simply because it is just that, extra-ordinary, beyond ordinary, beyond that which you would expect to be present or aware of.  Grace is exceptional because it is noted for its unique “no other like it” features and elements.  There is an aesthetic quality to its show and display to your consciousness, one that can hardly be described in words because it is sensed and experienced to you and you alone, in its own unique way.  Once you are brought to the moment to discover and experience the moments of grace, you are changed forever, shifted in such a way that you could never go back to what was before that moment in time.  This is the blessing of grace dear ones.  Once you glean the spark of its direction, you will only move toward it, turning right or left will not matter any longer.  Here, you become one with your true direction once again and follow your magical road, until that next moment grace casts its spell of extraordinary, to make the necessary shift once again.

You know what you know, honor that you will always know what is the right and best choice for you, no matter where you are upon your journey, as grace will come to your assistance every time, honoring your Divine being and purpose.

Grace: The Extraordinary in Action

And so it is dear ones, accept each gifted step in your journey and move on, your unfolding Divinity awaits you coming forth.  To be or not to be, does this question play over and over in your heads?  How much attention do you give to that which is already decided?  Do you make a thought be exact in perfection each time one enters your consciousness?  It is time to find your flow and allow your reception to all that is coming forth to be embraced, without question.  This Divine intervention of grace will bring you all that you need to move forward now, with a peaceful mind and a passionate, joyful heart.  Listen to your guidance without the fight, without you throwing up your walls of resistance, before the “out-play” of grace can even get started.

Grace acts as your balancing agent; it brings the Light you need to find clarity and understanding to what you are presently experiencing.  Grace allows you to find your way through the dust-storms, or becomes your ladder out of that deep hole you ended up in.  There is always a “right place at the right time” arrangement with the acceptance of grace.  Where does grace even come from, you might ask?  It acts as an unseen force, a powerful “will” in nature, that can enlighten even the dimmest of understanding, or the most complacent in outlook.  Dig deep here dear ones, unveil your own dark corners or shadows of fear, and allow your self to be reunited with your Divine Self, your Divine aspects and authentic nature of who you are.  Allow the intervention of grace to re-fortify your well-being, and shift your position from unworthy to most deserving.  Come to know your Truth here of whom you are and why you have come to be in your lifetime, at this time upon the Earth plane.  Grace your vision of wholeness now with all that is good, as you are that perfect being in every way, already.

Begin now to see the highlights of your days as the moments shared in love and joy, in being who you are.  Where there’s a will there’s a way for grace, to intercede and brighten your life experiences, with a delight from knowing you are love and you are always loved.  Your opportunity to give and receive love now lies completely in your choice to do so, as grace will come to support your path and cause without fail, every step of the way.

Make Hay While the Sun is Shining!

Plant the seeds, proceed, and start laying out your new garden in the fertile soil now available. If you were told “if you plant these seeds, water them regularly and cultivate the weeds, you will yield a harvest that will bring you everything you need and so much more”, would you not run to get started?  This is your life dear ones; this is the time to make hay while the sun is shining.  The sun may not show through the clouds on some days, but the sun is always present day after day.  The same for your support and guidance, you will always have everything you need to support your life process, day after day, after day.

Your dreams are valid, your needs and desires are important and worthy of you manifesting them.  Your life is your gift to your world, the giftedness and talents you brought forth with you as you came to be here.  Do not underestimate who you are.  Do not give in to compromise for lesser worth or value.  You are here to share in this world of abundance and rich experiences, as is each living being; do not sell yourself short.  Do not compromise the integrity of your personal power to give and receive.  Allow yourself to see now what it is you are selling yourself short on, “just because”.  Do you even know why?  Deliver yourself now to this knowing of your Truth inside that yearns to be recognized, acknowledged and expressed, by you.

Be in your understanding of which you are now, the wisdom you have inherited along the path you’ve been blessed to walk.  Open yourself up to the “unknown” ahead, simply by stepping into it, knowing that this “unknown” will fully, and lovingly, embrace you and carry you forward to all that you have been dreaming your life to be; do not settle for anything less.  Do not give-up or give-in to the noise of the hecklers or the ones who outwardly object to your individual expression of Truth.  Kindness is your avenue to joy, and joy is your connection to the infinite creative powers within you.  Find the time now to realize your place here, dear ones.  To realize you being here and now is everything to everyone, and every living being.  Take your life for granted if you must, yet knowing the miracle that you are is your answer to this world, you are now occupying and sharing.

Plan for “Now”!

Plan “now”, plan for “now”, to be awake and aware in your “now”. What is it that you desire and dream to be here and “now”?  Is it something for your enjoyment, something you’ve wanted to learn or experience, something new you would like to acquire or have available in your life?  Are you continuously shoving this needed desire or dream aside because of fear, disbelief or just plain uncertainty of what may happen, or how your life may change, because if its “now” presence?

There is no time but “now”, do your diligence.  Make each step toward your goal or desire count, so as to create and manifest its existence.  You can do it!  It must be yours, for you, as it was inspired in you.  There’s a call to create here and you are the one to answer that call, as you are the one to hear what is calling you forth now to unite with, to create, or give birth to.  Surrender your doubts here, let go of your rigid thoughts and limited ways of control through disbelief that it can actually come to fruition.  Being present to receive, or to give, is your greatest gift.  This allows you to open to the effect of your stepping up and stepping in to what is now ready and true for you, to know and experience.

Begin to see now with new eyes all that await you now.  See with the knowing that your “now” is real and what is real is ready now. Be bold and strong, courageous in your steps to unveil this magnanimous gift within each step you take, within each “now” moment you are blessed to unveil in its fullness.  Awaken “now” to the call from your hearts passionate directives for action “now”.  Then, take each step firmly in your faith that you will achieve another step, and another step, and another step toward that which brings you joy, body, mind and Spirit.

What are You Putting on Hold that Needs Action Now??

Reservation, preservation, what are you waiting for?  Have you pressed the hold button on living your life dear ones?  Have your expectations created such a complicated webbing of chaos and drama that you find yourself depleted and exhausted, so much that you’ve decided to put your next “now” moments on hold “until”, until what? Do you not have other choices that are more fruitful, fulfilling and regenerating for your movement forward?  This goes beyond constant movement without rest, this perspective of “holding back” or “halting’ your forward movement is in regard to your choices and decisions.  This revolves around complacency and stagnation from decay of non-flowing energies and weight from polluted thoughts.

One always has a choice to continue upon their flowing path of growth or to become indecisive, simply based on their ability to halt their movement.  Dear ones, you know by instinct when something of importance begins to call you to task.  Change is on-going, thus there will always be new steps to take in order to remain in a balanced state of flow.  Realize “now” is the only time there is, “now” is the only time you can be effective or productive.  “Now” is the time to take action toward that which calls out for your efforts, “now”.  Responsibility is a “now” avenue to access all that is available to you “now”, for your smooth transition and passage, from one “now” to the next.  It is taking each step into your next “now” that will keep you flowing, keep you alive and free from entanglements wrought with rigidity and degenerating energies.  Movement brings progress and progress always brings joy, as the body is fueled with momentum and the heart is ignited with passion, while sensing the right action.  The “now” moment to “now” moment is vital, alive, and free to adapt to each new step taken “now”, after “now”, after “now”.

No more need for excuses dear ones.  No more feelings of emptiness as you begin to stagnate and rot on hold.  Keep your head held high, focused forward and out of the rear-view mirror.  Know it is here you will find the right action that’s been waiting to be taken all along.  Work with what you’ve got, it’s all been given to you for this very “now” time of your amazing journey.  Just answer the call dear ones, “now”, one step at a time.

Believe in Your Ability to Be Love

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music, and dance like there’s no one looking!  Sweet melodies, sweet rhythms, sweet movement to and fro, as you completely let go and sway to the beat in your own heart.  The music is in you all, as love flows through you.  Listen to the words that come to your head from your heart, and from deep, deep, deep within your core from your soul.  Singing “Amazing Grace” or “Auld Land Syne” yet feeling “It’s Only Rock-and-Roll to Me”.  The tunes are impressed within your consciousness as you realize they are joining you upon your journey, to fill and lift your Spirit, or to put that extra skip in your step.  Listen and you will hear the melody.  Listen and you will hear the lyrics that send loving messages of joy, sharing and celebrating your life.

Yes, it is time now to remove yourself from isolation and separation, and join in the great dance of your life.  Openly come out of your dark corners or shadowed havens and fully expose your heart and soul of flowing love, to be shared by all that you meet and greet.  Love is kindness, love is laughter, and love is open and generous.  Love flows without any need to control its power and impulse to be given.  Remove your stop-valves and, for some, tear down your walls of steel.  It’s time to flow love, give and receive its true nourishment and fulfillment, to yourself and to another, and another, and another; pay it forward, give it side-ways, up or down.

Allow yourself to feel something you have never been able to give yourself permission to feel before! Believe in your ability to be love, to know love, to openly give and receive its bounty, and infinite nature; from what better source than from one who already is love.  Love resonates on all levels; it is felt and regarded without understanding from where it came.  Realize these now dear ones, and embrace your power to do so, with a song in your heart and a two-step in your gait.  Bless you all.

Removing All Resistance to Love

No second-guessing, no guessing at all, when it comes to love dear ones.  Remove any and all blocks to this gift to just be love, give love and receive love.  What does this “love” concept mean for you?  Each and every one of you will find your own meaning of love and yet there will be a common thread that connects each and every one of your thoughts of what love is.  You see, no matter what or how you define love for yourself, you are still holding a common connection to each and every person and being, upon your planet and outside of your physical realm.  Holding up any wall or resistance to this perpetual energy of love only creates a separation from you knowing and feeling this love source.

You are always connected, yet it is in the awareness to this love source that you may begin to flow more of it, expand your understanding of what this love source means for you.  It is also here that you may engage yourself in sharing love with others, with any experience where love plays a nourishing role.  Although love is always present it must be tapped into by receiving its bounty and infinite nature.  Through your own awareness of self-love you are then awakened to the giving of love in your own individual way of doing so.  Each and every one of you is privy to your own channel for love and to the way you may flow love through you, to another.  This is key only to the understanding of loves expanding properties and ways of delivering, without ever exhausting its source.

You can never love too much, nor can you ever lose love once it has been received.  You may question this because of the experience of a “broken heart” or pain and suffering caused from feeling what may be “lost” love, yet in truth dear ones, those feelings of loss or lack only come from your own stopping the flow of love, from your own resistance to allowing love that has come forth, to now meld and integrate within your being, regardless of the external circumstances.  You see, love comes in many forms, through many channels and thus as you remain open to love, even during a “heart-ache” experience, you shall refuel and refresh yourself with love from other sources.

You are always capable of expanding your “whole” being simply by tapping into and allowing your awareness to the love that awaits its entry to you and through you.  Resistance starts in your mind and shuts down this flow of love, thus creates the illusion that love is now lost.  Wake up now and know your own potential to “have-it-all”, love that is, no strings attached…unless you put them there.

Yours Now…To Have and To Hold

Dear ones release the control you are feeling you must possess right now.  Detach from all thought or expectation of “making’ something happen.  Remove all attachment from any outcome and free yourself now of this enormous burden you have placed upon your free-spirited beings.  Begin to feel your power again as it flows through you, without your own thought of it doing so.  Once detached from all expectations you are now open and free to follow your heart, to sense, hear and translate your own voice speaking within.  You are now able to decipher a deeper meaning to everything you are now presently experiencing.  It is here one may find their inner Truth on any subject matter, on any questionable situation, or about any guidance they may be seeking.

It is here that the “how” comes to be known, the “how” that will come natural as a way/means to bring you exactly what you may need at this time and place upon your path.  If one attempts to capture their “how”, then attempts to control its version of outplay, this will only bring chaos and confusion. This will only leave one in more frustration or anxiety, since the Truth comes from the Core/Spirit, not the mind.  Once the Truth is delivered and the mind fully receives what is coming forth, it is then one is able to make progress with the “how”.

Step-by-step you will find that which you seek, yet each cycle or chapter begins with your own awareness first, that which is important for you to take notice of, that which is your new path you will enter or new door you will open.  Once recognized one is able to realize who they are, their strengths, their talents and gifts, their resources ready and available to be offered and shared.  This point of recognition determines your next steps, defines and shapes your drive and motivation for what is to come next for your experience and engagement.  It is here, as you proclaim your worth and value, that you then begin to attract all that is needed for fulfillment of your now future unfolding.  The “how’ is in place as the self, in full confidence, is able to openly receive the next new steps ready to be taken.  Step-by-step dear ones you are free once again to move forward into what you have proclaimed to be yours now, to have and to hold, from this moment forward.