Yours Now…To Have and To Hold

Dear ones release the control you are feeling you must possess right now.  Detach from all thought or expectation of “making’ something happen.  Remove all attachment from any outcome and free yourself now of this enormous burden you have placed upon your free-spirited beings.  Begin to feel your power again as it flows through you, without your own thought of it doing so.  Once detached from all expectations you are now open and free to follow your heart, to sense, hear and translate your own voice speaking within.  You are now able to decipher a deeper meaning to everything you are now presently experiencing.  It is here one may find their inner Truth on any subject matter, on any questionable situation, or about any guidance they may be seeking.

It is here that the “how” comes to be known, the “how” that will come natural as a way/means to bring you exactly what you may need at this time and place upon your path.  If one attempts to capture their “how”, then attempts to control its version of outplay, this will only bring chaos and confusion. This will only leave one in more frustration or anxiety, since the Truth comes from the Core/Spirit, not the mind.  Once the Truth is delivered and the mind fully receives what is coming forth, it is then one is able to make progress with the “how”.

Step-by-step you will find that which you seek, yet each cycle or chapter begins with your own awareness first, that which is important for you to take notice of, that which is your new path you will enter or new door you will open.  Once recognized one is able to realize who they are, their strengths, their talents and gifts, their resources ready and available to be offered and shared.  This point of recognition determines your next steps, defines and shapes your drive and motivation for what is to come next for your experience and engagement.  It is here, as you proclaim your worth and value, that you then begin to attract all that is needed for fulfillment of your now future unfolding.  The “how’ is in place as the self, in full confidence, is able to openly receive the next new steps ready to be taken.  Step-by-step dear ones you are free once again to move forward into what you have proclaimed to be yours now, to have and to hold, from this moment forward.

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