Believe in Your Ability to Be Love

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music, and dance like there’s no one looking!  Sweet melodies, sweet rhythms, sweet movement to and fro, as you completely let go and sway to the beat in your own heart.  The music is in you all, as love flows through you.  Listen to the words that come to your head from your heart, and from deep, deep, deep within your core from your soul.  Singing “Amazing Grace” or “Auld Land Syne” yet feeling “It’s Only Rock-and-Roll to Me”.  The tunes are impressed within your consciousness as you realize they are joining you upon your journey, to fill and lift your Spirit, or to put that extra skip in your step.  Listen and you will hear the melody.  Listen and you will hear the lyrics that send loving messages of joy, sharing and celebrating your life.

Yes, it is time now to remove yourself from isolation and separation, and join in the great dance of your life.  Openly come out of your dark corners or shadowed havens and fully expose your heart and soul of flowing love, to be shared by all that you meet and greet.  Love is kindness, love is laughter, and love is open and generous.  Love flows without any need to control its power and impulse to be given.  Remove your stop-valves and, for some, tear down your walls of steel.  It’s time to flow love, give and receive its true nourishment and fulfillment, to yourself and to another, and another, and another; pay it forward, give it side-ways, up or down.

Allow yourself to feel something you have never been able to give yourself permission to feel before! Believe in your ability to be love, to know love, to openly give and receive its bounty, and infinite nature; from what better source than from one who already is love.  Love resonates on all levels; it is felt and regarded without understanding from where it came.  Realize these now dear ones, and embrace your power to do so, with a song in your heart and a two-step in your gait.  Bless you all.

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