What are You Putting on Hold that Needs Action Now??

Reservation, preservation, what are you waiting for?  Have you pressed the hold button on living your life dear ones?  Have your expectations created such a complicated webbing of chaos and drama that you find yourself depleted and exhausted, so much that you’ve decided to put your next “now” moments on hold “until”, until what? Do you not have other choices that are more fruitful, fulfilling and regenerating for your movement forward?  This goes beyond constant movement without rest, this perspective of “holding back” or “halting’ your forward movement is in regard to your choices and decisions.  This revolves around complacency and stagnation from decay of non-flowing energies and weight from polluted thoughts.

One always has a choice to continue upon their flowing path of growth or to become indecisive, simply based on their ability to halt their movement.  Dear ones, you know by instinct when something of importance begins to call you to task.  Change is on-going, thus there will always be new steps to take in order to remain in a balanced state of flow.  Realize “now” is the only time there is, “now” is the only time you can be effective or productive.  “Now” is the time to take action toward that which calls out for your efforts, “now”.  Responsibility is a “now” avenue to access all that is available to you “now”, for your smooth transition and passage, from one “now” to the next.  It is taking each step into your next “now” that will keep you flowing, keep you alive and free from entanglements wrought with rigidity and degenerating energies.  Movement brings progress and progress always brings joy, as the body is fueled with momentum and the heart is ignited with passion, while sensing the right action.  The “now” moment to “now” moment is vital, alive, and free to adapt to each new step taken “now”, after “now”, after “now”.

No more need for excuses dear ones.  No more feelings of emptiness as you begin to stagnate and rot on hold.  Keep your head held high, focused forward and out of the rear-view mirror.  Know it is here you will find the right action that’s been waiting to be taken all along.  Work with what you’ve got, it’s all been given to you for this very “now” time of your amazing journey.  Just answer the call dear ones, “now”, one step at a time.

2 thoughts on “What are You Putting on Hold that Needs Action Now??

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