Plan for “Now”!

Plan “now”, plan for “now”, to be awake and aware in your “now”. What is it that you desire and dream to be here and “now”?  Is it something for your enjoyment, something you’ve wanted to learn or experience, something new you would like to acquire or have available in your life?  Are you continuously shoving this needed desire or dream aside because of fear, disbelief or just plain uncertainty of what may happen, or how your life may change, because if its “now” presence?

There is no time but “now”, do your diligence.  Make each step toward your goal or desire count, so as to create and manifest its existence.  You can do it!  It must be yours, for you, as it was inspired in you.  There’s a call to create here and you are the one to answer that call, as you are the one to hear what is calling you forth now to unite with, to create, or give birth to.  Surrender your doubts here, let go of your rigid thoughts and limited ways of control through disbelief that it can actually come to fruition.  Being present to receive, or to give, is your greatest gift.  This allows you to open to the effect of your stepping up and stepping in to what is now ready and true for you, to know and experience.

Begin to see now with new eyes all that await you now.  See with the knowing that your “now” is real and what is real is ready now. Be bold and strong, courageous in your steps to unveil this magnanimous gift within each step you take, within each “now” moment you are blessed to unveil in its fullness.  Awaken “now” to the call from your hearts passionate directives for action “now”.  Then, take each step firmly in your faith that you will achieve another step, and another step, and another step toward that which brings you joy, body, mind and Spirit.

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