Make Hay While the Sun is Shining!

Plant the seeds, proceed, and start laying out your new garden in the fertile soil now available. If you were told “if you plant these seeds, water them regularly and cultivate the weeds, you will yield a harvest that will bring you everything you need and so much more”, would you not run to get started?  This is your life dear ones; this is the time to make hay while the sun is shining.  The sun may not show through the clouds on some days, but the sun is always present day after day.  The same for your support and guidance, you will always have everything you need to support your life process, day after day, after day.

Your dreams are valid, your needs and desires are important and worthy of you manifesting them.  Your life is your gift to your world, the giftedness and talents you brought forth with you as you came to be here.  Do not underestimate who you are.  Do not give in to compromise for lesser worth or value.  You are here to share in this world of abundance and rich experiences, as is each living being; do not sell yourself short.  Do not compromise the integrity of your personal power to give and receive.  Allow yourself to see now what it is you are selling yourself short on, “just because”.  Do you even know why?  Deliver yourself now to this knowing of your Truth inside that yearns to be recognized, acknowledged and expressed, by you.

Be in your understanding of which you are now, the wisdom you have inherited along the path you’ve been blessed to walk.  Open yourself up to the “unknown” ahead, simply by stepping into it, knowing that this “unknown” will fully, and lovingly, embrace you and carry you forward to all that you have been dreaming your life to be; do not settle for anything less.  Do not give-up or give-in to the noise of the hecklers or the ones who outwardly object to your individual expression of Truth.  Kindness is your avenue to joy, and joy is your connection to the infinite creative powers within you.  Find the time now to realize your place here, dear ones.  To realize you being here and now is everything to everyone, and every living being.  Take your life for granted if you must, yet knowing the miracle that you are is your answer to this world, you are now occupying and sharing.

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