Grace: The Extraordinary in Action

And so it is dear ones, accept each gifted step in your journey and move on, your unfolding Divinity awaits you coming forth.  To be or not to be, does this question play over and over in your heads?  How much attention do you give to that which is already decided?  Do you make a thought be exact in perfection each time one enters your consciousness?  It is time to find your flow and allow your reception to all that is coming forth to be embraced, without question.  This Divine intervention of grace will bring you all that you need to move forward now, with a peaceful mind and a passionate, joyful heart.  Listen to your guidance without the fight, without you throwing up your walls of resistance, before the “out-play” of grace can even get started.

Grace acts as your balancing agent; it brings the Light you need to find clarity and understanding to what you are presently experiencing.  Grace allows you to find your way through the dust-storms, or becomes your ladder out of that deep hole you ended up in.  There is always a “right place at the right time” arrangement with the acceptance of grace.  Where does grace even come from, you might ask?  It acts as an unseen force, a powerful “will” in nature, that can enlighten even the dimmest of understanding, or the most complacent in outlook.  Dig deep here dear ones, unveil your own dark corners or shadows of fear, and allow your self to be reunited with your Divine Self, your Divine aspects and authentic nature of who you are.  Allow the intervention of grace to re-fortify your well-being, and shift your position from unworthy to most deserving.  Come to know your Truth here of whom you are and why you have come to be in your lifetime, at this time upon the Earth plane.  Grace your vision of wholeness now with all that is good, as you are that perfect being in every way, already.

Begin now to see the highlights of your days as the moments shared in love and joy, in being who you are.  Where there’s a will there’s a way for grace, to intercede and brighten your life experiences, with a delight from knowing you are love and you are always loved.  Your opportunity to give and receive love now lies completely in your choice to do so, as grace will come to support your path and cause without fail, every step of the way.

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