Break the Mold!

Break the mold dear ones, and start out on a new, clear, fresh path ahead.  Do you fear leaving pieces of your “old” life behind?  Does “what if I still need this or that” enter the thought process, as you are moving forward?  Why are you even “thinking” here?  Could it be time to take your forward steps simple and easy, to just follow your heart and let your instincts “add” or “clear” what is no longer needed and necessary in the situation you are now in?  “Decisions, decisions”, you say, yet have you not already decided?  Once one comes to the point of feeling the need to decide upon their choices, in Truth, that decision or choice was made long ago.  It is in our decisions and choices that we are led to our crossroads, once at that point of the fork-in-the-road, you are in tune with the right action needed to make that turn, right or left.  If you are in your flow dear ones, it is here grace enters your picture, like a Divine light from the Heavens, to illuminate your path and confirm your movement, for the needed choice that will keep you in your joy of your journey.

Grace is the highlight, the emphasis, the profound sense of something you have just newly discovered at that point in time.  The extraordinary in action is always in action, yet one is not always privy to its reality, simply because it is just that, extra-ordinary, beyond ordinary, beyond that which you would expect to be present or aware of.  Grace is exceptional because it is noted for its unique “no other like it” features and elements.  There is an aesthetic quality to its show and display to your consciousness, one that can hardly be described in words because it is sensed and experienced to you and you alone, in its own unique way.  Once you are brought to the moment to discover and experience the moments of grace, you are changed forever, shifted in such a way that you could never go back to what was before that moment in time.  This is the blessing of grace dear ones.  Once you glean the spark of its direction, you will only move toward it, turning right or left will not matter any longer.  Here, you become one with your true direction once again and follow your magical road, until that next moment grace casts its spell of extraordinary, to make the necessary shift once again.

You know what you know, honor that you will always know what is the right and best choice for you, no matter where you are upon your journey, as grace will come to your assistance every time, honoring your Divine being and purpose.

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