Activate Your Essential Power!

Essential is that which is necessary and needed, something important to the well-being of what or who is the subject being observed.  Turn your Light on within yourself; ignite your flame of life-force, and Truth in knowing all that you are right now.  Begin to elaborate on what comes into your consciousness at this time, that which is being revealed, and reveled, for the first time for you.  Let down your guard here and become one with all that has newly developed and unfolded into the scene now in play.  Get closer to the inner Light of Truth and knowing, allow this revelation to be put under a microscope, so you may become more familiar with its multi-dimensional elements and nature.

Recognizing your essence, or essential power, is only a piece to what is coming forth at this time.  One cannot experience this magnificence until it is ignited within, ignited by your own passion and desire for this gifted resource, to now be in its fullness and full flowing capacity.  You decide here dear ones, once recognized you decide to feed the flame of this power within, or to just let it burn out.  As you feed your essence of power you begin to meld with its potentials and unique characteristics that are designed specifically for you.  There is no denying your individual understanding of this phenomenon you now possess.  With your mind wide open and you fueling the fire of this passionate power, you are fed infinitely, tried and true; you are nurtured beyond body, mind and Spirit, internally and externally.  You are now delivered a-new with a clear understanding of what is needed for your next steps in being all that you are, inside and out, as you flow this magnificence without resistance, that is one with you now.

Now you realize what was there all along.  You realize there’s only going forward now, one with the True essence of you, wholly individual and your innocence intact, one with “the all” of everything that surrounds you now.  You are complete once again…delivered a-new.

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