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Feel Yourself Expand, Grow and Evolve

Release yourself in entirety now, out into the open.  Do not hesitate in any way here; a full release is now needed and necessary to come into your Higher Self and purpose.  Make the connection between where you have been and what you have experienced, to where you are now and where you are now going.  The knowing you sense and feel deep within your being is driving you forward and far out into the unknown.  There’s no time for thinking here, this is a call to your heart and soul, a call that must be answered now without doubts or fears, and removing all inhibitions while fully embracing your new steps in your new direction.  Your path becomes illuminated, you see it and you feel it.  You know it as you have created it with preparation and planning, long before arriving to this junction of full release and forward movement.  You are far beyond all ways of turning back, your path is clear, you are clear.

Step right into that which you know is your Truth now, that which you’re pure authentic self is, ready and willing to be all that you have come now to be, and share with your world.  You are a part of the greater whole, you are connected to all living and non-living, seen and unseen, all that is of love and Light.  There is no need to analyze these next steps you are making and taking in full love for yourself, and for all that you shall interact with.  Each and every being awaits you showing up in your fullness of which you are, there is no fallacy in that.  Become aware of your greater connection to all that is around you and you shall only know the love and Light that abounds, waiting to be tapped into.  Rejoice in your fullness and self-fulfillment of becoming your Highest and Greatest self, for as you continue to move forward this way you shall feel yourself expand, grow and evolve in a way you have not yet ever known.

You are in charge here, you are your own driving force and motivator.  It is your heart, your love, your Light that fills others, that supports and connects others, as you are also connected to them now, from a conscious state of full expanded awareness.   This is a heart-to-heart connection through love that is shared, delivered and received in fullness, unobstructed and freely flowing.  Find your way here now as this is your next new chapter to be lived and breathed by you, dear ones.  You are ready now to experience great peace and overflowing serenity in your living breathing days on the earth.  Release now anything, big or small, that would inhibit you from moving to this next great experience of pure-flowing love….as this “now” is right here!

You’re in Charge…Make The Connection

Tie the knot, bridge the gap, collect yourself and what is left of your best resources, and move on; it’s time!  Carry yourself with confidence and with strong value of who you are, across the gap and on to the other side, into what is next for you.  Begin a-new, begin again as new, whole and synchronized, inside and outside of you.  Make the connection here, come to realize who you are now, how you have changed, evolved and grown in the Light of your life.  This is your time now, do you see this?  Do you understand the importance of you waking up now, to understand how you have blossomed and melded together?  The depth and intricacy of you as the masterpiece, your masterpiece that has come now to this place in time to be all that you are and in unison with all that you are now connecting to.

What are you attracting?  What do your relationships, your living conditions, or your health look like to you?  Are there elements you would like to change or tweak, shed or fully release all together?  Then this is the time to do so.  Make the connection here; it is up to you to take charge of what is now needed and necessary to fulfill your desires for success.  Allow the Truth to come through you, freely and easily, as it will lead you to everything that is needed now in fulfilling your response to the call for your action now.  Begin to take notice of your power here; do not deny yourself your abilities and resources to be utilized in creating or renovating.  You are the only one for the job to take charge, as you are the one to hear the call.  Movement and progress become crucial here.  You are ready to notify any illusive mind-thoughts of their time to be released and removed, from your forward steps into your new chapter of life.

Recognize your “self” here, realize your intricacy in make-up and how unique you are with your abilities and talents, which only you can deliver and share.  Become the Light to another life so they too may find their way across the gap, and make their connection too.  Do you see how special you are?  Did you know that you are the only one who can deliver your gifts to the world at large?  Make the connection now, here, right now realize heaven and earth are you, and you are the connecting circuit blessed to bring forth the many gifts within you, to all those that now await you coming forward to answer the call.  You are it, you are “the one”, the one to choose, and the one that can or will complete the connection, to help create the “greater whole” now taking place.

Let There Be Light!

Crisp and clean…the sun’s rays flow over the land as it first rises off the horizon.  Slowly, gradually the dew drops are lit into a soft shimmer as the darkness begins to fade away; let there be light dear ones.  Let the light in and ignite your desire for new life, a life worth living, a life full of purpose and meaning, waiting to be shared with all you are blessed to encounter along your amazing journey.  Just as your physical being senses the warmth of the sun and the passion of its bright beams, so too does your Spirit within come alive.  You feel your Spirit’s excitement as it is given notice to and acknowledged that it is sensed, felt within as love or joy, for the life flowing through you at that moment in time.

Yes dear ones, your awareness is heightened as you let the light in, as you breathe life in and out of your body, and come to recognize the feelings flowing through your head and heart.  An exchange takes place between the physical body and the Spirit, all is one, yet you notice the delicate make-up of elements attributed to each driving force, physical and Spiritual.  You sense the unique interchange that is in constant motion, seen, sensed, felt or heard.  All the elements work together in a perfect way, in simultaneous unison that can only be recognized and relished, felt and experienced by you, for you.  You may attempt to go about your day sharing your love, joy and beauty with all you meet and greet but they will never have your unique experience, impossible.  Yet, you will ignite their own unique experience, with their own way to share it with others.

Do you find what is being said here hard to grasp its meaning and understanding?  Simply stop and re-read what is described then tune in to what is sensed from your own experience with these words dear ones.  Calibrate your senses to the rhythm and rhyme that exists for you.  Allow the uniqueness of your own senses to flow the vibration coming forth, that which you are sensing with both physical and Spirit sectors of your being.  Take notice of your own processing of your daily encounters.  You may find that with a deeper awareness or consciousness of all that is transpiring during any given moment in time, you are filled with all that you need, right then and there, and your senses expand to a clear and crisp notation of so much more than the linear or surface aspects of your life experience.

Live in your fullness, calibrate and adjust your senses to a bigger picture and you then shall know and understand what ‘so much more” can truly mean for you, and you living your life to its fullest and greatest potential…for all concerned.

Tune in and Calibrate Your Senses

Resign yourself now to tear down those walls of wounds and suffering and expose what is inside, that which has been barricaded and hidden for so long.  Once exposed to the light of day there is now a new opportunity to reform and rejuvenate what has been left to stagnate and wilt from non-use.  Just as one who does nothing to keep their body active, that body will become limp and frail, all which is unused begins to lose its ability to respond to its call and purpose.  As you expose what has been locked within, that which you have neglected to nurture or to feed with proper care for its strength and growth, it is now given an opportunity to come alive once again.  Nothing is truly lost here dear ones; there is no better time to revive your hidden treasures and resources you have so vehemently locked away.  No matter the reason for this solitary confinement, there is always a way to bring what you thought was lost long ago back to life, understanding it will never be what it was, as it too has changed, even if unconsciously.  Once exposed to your new way of being, as whom you are right now, this gift, treasure or resource will find its way back into your life, as all is naturally guided to adapt to what is now necessary for its purpose, and for your well-being.

Any gift you possess is a part of you, a part of your whole make-up, working simultaneously together with every element of your entire being, inside and out.  Come to your deep awareness here, what has recently been awakened or re-remembered inside of you?  What have you come to recognize as new about yourself or new desires that are now felt fluttering inside?  These findings become your focus now, for care and nurturing their growth.  These important elements of who you are become laced with their importance of purpose, directly in proportion to your beings-whole importance and purpose.  The awakening of this importance allows you to freely accept what is re-remembered, which then gives whatever is now newly revived its power back in full flowing vitality.  As you readjust and adapt to this powerful new dimension of yourself, you can now move forward in progress, to be able to find a new perspective of what is ready to be actualized by you.

You are free once again dear ones, to fully embrace and nurture all that you are and all that you are now ready to experience in its entirety.  Do not underestimate your powers here in what has taken place in this awakening turning point and process of unveiling.  Change is magical and you dear ones are a never ending miracle of creative, innovative beauty and delight.  Don’t stop here, tune in and find what is real now, for all concerned.

Freely Feeling…

Feel, feel your way through your life.  Feel the life flowing in your veins, feel the wind on your face, then feel the emotions that this life experience brings you, right here and now.  Feel it all, flow it all, receive it all then flow it out to your world.  Feel your senses fine-tuning to the natural forces around you.  Feel your past then let it all go, find your way now to your next new steps dear ones.  Feel the future coming toward you as you step-by-step into it, feeling the anticipation, the joy, the abundant love all laid out like a red carpet for royalty.  Prepare yourself for the feelings that shall need your openness and vulnerability, for their full knowing of the Truth they bring you.  Look for the signs and guiding messages coming to liberate and deliver you a-new, from any old feelings of unworthiness or despair.

You are now ready to know who you are dear ones, the true, authentic, beautiful being that feels and knows with depth, sincerity and understanding, that there is no other like you.  As you come to know this you can only now feel this Truth run through your veins, you come to know this miracle that you are as a feeling inside of you, one that generates joy and ecstasy, passions and enthusiasm for your living and breathing pleasures of sharing your total being with the world.  You now know and feel the liberated Spirit within, your confidence in purpose, your worth in participating with the days you are blessed to be living and breathing.  Create here, create by feeling your need to manifest your dreams and in becoming all that you now desire to become, inside and out.  Create your path of purpose by feeling and sensing the needs and dreams of those around you, as you now become able to take an active role in their lives too, reinforcing and affirming joy in sharing and caring, kindness and creation, with each other.

Be ready now to feel more than you have ever known to feel before.  For as you move forward this way, open and freely feeling all that can be experienced, you shall then only know what true riches are.  With these riches is the richness in all that you are, an expanding flow of abundance that shall never stop being felt, and lived to its fullest.

Breaking the Chains of Self-Degradation

Each link in the chain contains words of judgment dear ones, self-judgment and self-criticism that only add weight for you to bear, as you move forward upon your path.  Clear the slate of self checks and balances now, there is no need for such record keeping.  You are not a manufactured piece of molded plastic, which is without substance or meaning.  How is it that you treat yourself this way?  What has brought you to this point of allowing yourself to downplay and degrade who you are, to the point you are left without purpose, beauty or meaning?  Find an opening now and let the Light into your thoughts and feelings you are presently experiencing.  Open your eyes to see the Truth now being revealed then open your heart to allow love to flood in and flow through you, bringing you the understanding, compassion and clarity now needed and necessary to break free of your self-bondage.

Words are used in communication, they are delivered with meaning and intention by the one speaking or writing them, yet always those same words are left for interpretation by the one receiving them or reading them.  It is in your interpretation that you will come to know, or understand, more about yourself and who you are; for even as words of love may be delivered to you, it is you who must be open to receive them this way.  If one is chained and shackled with self-degradation they may never freely receive the Highest form of intervention being brought forth for their uplifting and inspiration.  The words will seem empty and meaningless; they may even add another link to their chain as they may become twisted and distorted with misinterpretation.  For even as these words may speak love, one who is not in the place of love will feel sadness and despair,  as they feel their worth or value could not be welcomed or received.

Let go now, surrender dear ones to the love and desire of bringing yourself to your royalty and place of Divinity, that place that is only in the Light of joy and embracing beauty.  This is the place where one is always free to choose love, to deliver yourself a-new, to move in new directions that are only Divine and in integrity with the very best of who you are.  Here the chains cannot exist as they are never allowed to attach to your Light, loving and liberated being.  As it is here you radiate from the inside out the Light of love and joy, and thus will always know the Truth which repels all chains of self-degradation.  Live in your liberated Spirit now, for as you feel your freedom and the heights of well-being it brings, you will never allow yourself to be chained down again.

Faith is Not Learned…it’s Remembered

Read, study, and educate yourself, this you hear over and over again.  Your education is your power to be or do, anything you want to be or do.  There are many avenues to gain knowledge dear ones, some are blessed to read the many books that line shelf after shelf, and some are given the opportunity to mentor or apprentice, to learn new skills and the applicable knowledge around those skills.  Living your life fully everyday brings its own unique experiences and knowledge associated with the expertise of your experiences.  Yet with everything practical and available dear ones, none of these will teach you faith.  How then does one go about learning the concepts of faith, or the definitions of faith?

Simply put, faith is not learned, faith is remembered.  Faith is already a part of you and your entire being.  Faith is an innate sense that comes forth as needed or necessary, as you allow or disallow its presence and power.  Faith is individually measured by one’s own perceptions and fluidity, in processing their own experiences.  Yes, faith is “experienced” yet faith is present before the experience even takes place.  One can look at this unique sense as an individual belief, one that is powerful or strong if allowed.  You are the one that controls the validity of your own awareness of faiths presence.  Even if one is unaware of their faith in-action, this will not stop the driving force of their faith.  Thus dear ones, the question remains, “how does this driving force of faith bring you to the opportunity to make the changes that call to you now”?  Faith allows you to keep moving forward, giving you the opportunity to by-pass obstacles and those ponds of quicksand.  Through faith, or believing without doubts, you are able to keep a focus on that which you desire to experience, or be a part of.   It allows you to remain on track toward those goals that are your life long dreams, to be manifested and actualized.

With this tendency to remain in full alignment to your dreams and desires, it is then that change can take place.  This change is welcomed by you, as you have allowed yourself to be led to that magnificent desire or knowing of your destination, consistently remaining in your faith that this is the right place for you now, that this is the right time to be what you are now desiring to be.  You are strong, clear and powerful as you stand in your faith, believing in yourself, your worth, your value and purpose.  Nothing, no-thing can take you from this now as you have arrived, completing those needed changes, with the faith that your next new steps into your bright beautiful future are ready and waiting for your footsteps.

Faith Gives You That Chance For Change

Does your life feel like you are in the midst of hurricane dear ones, high winds and stormy seas?  One does not need to have actually experienced a hurricane, or live near an ocean, to know what is being said here.  Do you not feel the strength within when the challenge comes in like a great tsunami?  See this vast disruption as your opportunity to let go of what’s no longer healthy or serving your well-being.  See this greatness of the “winds-of-change” as your gift to cleanse and clear away what’s already been lost long ago.  These are formidable times for you now.  This is where your strength and courage are tested only for you to find that your faith in you, and in all that you are, will most certainly see you through.  Your faith dear ones, is your “white knight in shining armor”, is your oasis, after you have just tread across the long hot desert, without food or water.  To believe is to conceive the thought, the notion of reality, which you are in the right place at just the right time.

Your faith cannot be shaken or broken when you are focused forward, in love with who you are, and knowing your purpose for being.  Escaping the “winds-of-change” is an illusion but your faith in your smooth, easy transition is a Truth that can be brought forth by you.  Faith is your potent power to create that ship that will cross the vast ocean or, to find all that you seek now as it comes forth as clear as the day.  Do find your way here now, to muster whatever it takes to believe in your worth of being you, without any doubt, as your confidence prevails and the knowing within runs deep, from the inside out.

Begin your next steps now in full faith that whether the winds are on high or barely felt, you are the one to come forth now , stepping up and stepping in, to the beauty of all that is new for you.

You Are What You Eat

Consciousness, awareness, awaken now…How often have you heard these requests dear ones, to wake up now and come to know your now moments?  What is it you are attracting right now into your life?  What are you feeding yourself body, mind and Spirit?  As you feed your being on all levels, how are you sharing your nourishment with others?  That which is essential is that which is important in some way to you being alive, healthy and flowing.  That which is essential becomes a necessity to maintaining wholeness and an equal, balanced, and harmonious state.  The essence in essential is one of need, yet need is also linked to your desires, your dreams and your power to create.  Most want to define “need” or “essential” as being a “sole” factor to the physical aspects, and separate from the Spirit or creative aspects of the self.  Realize now how linear your life would be, how narrow and without depth, if you were only operating from essential physical needs.

You know and recognize there are many other dimensions to your being that you have either experienced, or sensed around you to be experienced.  This is where you’re essential power lies, dear ones.  It is the removing of all separations from the “one-way”, black or white, yin or yang outlook and perception, from the following of the narrow straight line, “no curves added” path or road, and allowing yourself to move beyond this “old authority”.  Thus you are given a new awakening to the bigger whole, the bigger picture, the place where multi-dimensional comes alive, as you become awakened to acknowledge this essential power you have just activated and ignited.  Yes, it is you who activates this now needed necessity of expansion and growth.  It is you who chooses this essential power to be alive within you, free to fully operate and bring forth that which is now waiting to be expressed through you creatively, to highlight the essence of you, who you are, your gifts, your talents and everything that is connected to this.

Now it is here, you are nourished in light and love, in joy and health, on all levels, because it is here dear ones, where essential dreams are now actualized and essential desires are now delivered to their fulfillment.  Don’t stop here; this is just the beginning of activating all that is essential to whom you are now.  Begin to take each new step with your new understanding of what this means for you, as you continue to awaken the deepest essence of who you are, without any separations, and in your full essential power to do so.