Faith is Not Learned…it’s Remembered

Read, study, and educate yourself, this you hear over and over again.  Your education is your power to be or do, anything you want to be or do.  There are many avenues to gain knowledge dear ones, some are blessed to read the many books that line shelf after shelf, and some are given the opportunity to mentor or apprentice, to learn new skills and the applicable knowledge around those skills.  Living your life fully everyday brings its own unique experiences and knowledge associated with the expertise of your experiences.  Yet with everything practical and available dear ones, none of these will teach you faith.  How then does one go about learning the concepts of faith, or the definitions of faith?

Simply put, faith is not learned, faith is remembered.  Faith is already a part of you and your entire being.  Faith is an innate sense that comes forth as needed or necessary, as you allow or disallow its presence and power.  Faith is individually measured by one’s own perceptions and fluidity, in processing their own experiences.  Yes, faith is “experienced” yet faith is present before the experience even takes place.  One can look at this unique sense as an individual belief, one that is powerful or strong if allowed.  You are the one that controls the validity of your own awareness of faiths presence.  Even if one is unaware of their faith in-action, this will not stop the driving force of their faith.  Thus dear ones, the question remains, “how does this driving force of faith bring you to the opportunity to make the changes that call to you now”?  Faith allows you to keep moving forward, giving you the opportunity to by-pass obstacles and those ponds of quicksand.  Through faith, or believing without doubts, you are able to keep a focus on that which you desire to experience, or be a part of.   It allows you to remain on track toward those goals that are your life long dreams, to be manifested and actualized.

With this tendency to remain in full alignment to your dreams and desires, it is then that change can take place.  This change is welcomed by you, as you have allowed yourself to be led to that magnificent desire or knowing of your destination, consistently remaining in your faith that this is the right place for you now, that this is the right time to be what you are now desiring to be.  You are strong, clear and powerful as you stand in your faith, believing in yourself, your worth, your value and purpose.  Nothing, no-thing can take you from this now as you have arrived, completing those needed changes, with the faith that your next new steps into your bright beautiful future are ready and waiting for your footsteps.

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