Breaking the Chains of Self-Degradation

Each link in the chain contains words of judgment dear ones, self-judgment and self-criticism that only add weight for you to bear, as you move forward upon your path.  Clear the slate of self checks and balances now, there is no need for such record keeping.  You are not a manufactured piece of molded plastic, which is without substance or meaning.  How is it that you treat yourself this way?  What has brought you to this point of allowing yourself to downplay and degrade who you are, to the point you are left without purpose, beauty or meaning?  Find an opening now and let the Light into your thoughts and feelings you are presently experiencing.  Open your eyes to see the Truth now being revealed then open your heart to allow love to flood in and flow through you, bringing you the understanding, compassion and clarity now needed and necessary to break free of your self-bondage.

Words are used in communication, they are delivered with meaning and intention by the one speaking or writing them, yet always those same words are left for interpretation by the one receiving them or reading them.  It is in your interpretation that you will come to know, or understand, more about yourself and who you are; for even as words of love may be delivered to you, it is you who must be open to receive them this way.  If one is chained and shackled with self-degradation they may never freely receive the Highest form of intervention being brought forth for their uplifting and inspiration.  The words will seem empty and meaningless; they may even add another link to their chain as they may become twisted and distorted with misinterpretation.  For even as these words may speak love, one who is not in the place of love will feel sadness and despair,  as they feel their worth or value could not be welcomed or received.

Let go now, surrender dear ones to the love and desire of bringing yourself to your royalty and place of Divinity, that place that is only in the Light of joy and embracing beauty.  This is the place where one is always free to choose love, to deliver yourself a-new, to move in new directions that are only Divine and in integrity with the very best of who you are.  Here the chains cannot exist as they are never allowed to attach to your Light, loving and liberated being.  As it is here you radiate from the inside out the Light of love and joy, and thus will always know the Truth which repels all chains of self-degradation.  Live in your liberated Spirit now, for as you feel your freedom and the heights of well-being it brings, you will never allow yourself to be chained down again.

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