Freely Feeling…

Feel, feel your way through your life.  Feel the life flowing in your veins, feel the wind on your face, then feel the emotions that this life experience brings you, right here and now.  Feel it all, flow it all, receive it all then flow it out to your world.  Feel your senses fine-tuning to the natural forces around you.  Feel your past then let it all go, find your way now to your next new steps dear ones.  Feel the future coming toward you as you step-by-step into it, feeling the anticipation, the joy, the abundant love all laid out like a red carpet for royalty.  Prepare yourself for the feelings that shall need your openness and vulnerability, for their full knowing of the Truth they bring you.  Look for the signs and guiding messages coming to liberate and deliver you a-new, from any old feelings of unworthiness or despair.

You are now ready to know who you are dear ones, the true, authentic, beautiful being that feels and knows with depth, sincerity and understanding, that there is no other like you.  As you come to know this you can only now feel this Truth run through your veins, you come to know this miracle that you are as a feeling inside of you, one that generates joy and ecstasy, passions and enthusiasm for your living and breathing pleasures of sharing your total being with the world.  You now know and feel the liberated Spirit within, your confidence in purpose, your worth in participating with the days you are blessed to be living and breathing.  Create here, create by feeling your need to manifest your dreams and in becoming all that you now desire to become, inside and out.  Create your path of purpose by feeling and sensing the needs and dreams of those around you, as you now become able to take an active role in their lives too, reinforcing and affirming joy in sharing and caring, kindness and creation, with each other.

Be ready now to feel more than you have ever known to feel before.  For as you move forward this way, open and freely feeling all that can be experienced, you shall then only know what true riches are.  With these riches is the richness in all that you are, an expanding flow of abundance that shall never stop being felt, and lived to its fullest.

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