Tune in and Calibrate Your Senses

Resign yourself now to tear down those walls of wounds and suffering and expose what is inside, that which has been barricaded and hidden for so long.  Once exposed to the light of day there is now a new opportunity to reform and rejuvenate what has been left to stagnate and wilt from non-use.  Just as one who does nothing to keep their body active, that body will become limp and frail, all which is unused begins to lose its ability to respond to its call and purpose.  As you expose what has been locked within, that which you have neglected to nurture or to feed with proper care for its strength and growth, it is now given an opportunity to come alive once again.  Nothing is truly lost here dear ones; there is no better time to revive your hidden treasures and resources you have so vehemently locked away.  No matter the reason for this solitary confinement, there is always a way to bring what you thought was lost long ago back to life, understanding it will never be what it was, as it too has changed, even if unconsciously.  Once exposed to your new way of being, as whom you are right now, this gift, treasure or resource will find its way back into your life, as all is naturally guided to adapt to what is now necessary for its purpose, and for your well-being.

Any gift you possess is a part of you, a part of your whole make-up, working simultaneously together with every element of your entire being, inside and out.  Come to your deep awareness here, what has recently been awakened or re-remembered inside of you?  What have you come to recognize as new about yourself or new desires that are now felt fluttering inside?  These findings become your focus now, for care and nurturing their growth.  These important elements of who you are become laced with their importance of purpose, directly in proportion to your beings-whole importance and purpose.  The awakening of this importance allows you to freely accept what is re-remembered, which then gives whatever is now newly revived its power back in full flowing vitality.  As you readjust and adapt to this powerful new dimension of yourself, you can now move forward in progress, to be able to find a new perspective of what is ready to be actualized by you.

You are free once again dear ones, to fully embrace and nurture all that you are and all that you are now ready to experience in its entirety.  Do not underestimate your powers here in what has taken place in this awakening turning point and process of unveiling.  Change is magical and you dear ones are a never ending miracle of creative, innovative beauty and delight.  Don’t stop here, tune in and find what is real now, for all concerned.

2 thoughts on “Tune in and Calibrate Your Senses

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