Let There Be Light!

Crisp and clean…the sun’s rays flow over the land as it first rises off the horizon.  Slowly, gradually the dew drops are lit into a soft shimmer as the darkness begins to fade away; let there be light dear ones.  Let the light in and ignite your desire for new life, a life worth living, a life full of purpose and meaning, waiting to be shared with all you are blessed to encounter along your amazing journey.  Just as your physical being senses the warmth of the sun and the passion of its bright beams, so too does your Spirit within come alive.  You feel your Spirit’s excitement as it is given notice to and acknowledged that it is sensed, felt within as love or joy, for the life flowing through you at that moment in time.

Yes dear ones, your awareness is heightened as you let the light in, as you breathe life in and out of your body, and come to recognize the feelings flowing through your head and heart.  An exchange takes place between the physical body and the Spirit, all is one, yet you notice the delicate make-up of elements attributed to each driving force, physical and Spiritual.  You sense the unique interchange that is in constant motion, seen, sensed, felt or heard.  All the elements work together in a perfect way, in simultaneous unison that can only be recognized and relished, felt and experienced by you, for you.  You may attempt to go about your day sharing your love, joy and beauty with all you meet and greet but they will never have your unique experience, impossible.  Yet, you will ignite their own unique experience, with their own way to share it with others.

Do you find what is being said here hard to grasp its meaning and understanding?  Simply stop and re-read what is described then tune in to what is sensed from your own experience with these words dear ones.  Calibrate your senses to the rhythm and rhyme that exists for you.  Allow the uniqueness of your own senses to flow the vibration coming forth, that which you are sensing with both physical and Spirit sectors of your being.  Take notice of your own processing of your daily encounters.  You may find that with a deeper awareness or consciousness of all that is transpiring during any given moment in time, you are filled with all that you need, right then and there, and your senses expand to a clear and crisp notation of so much more than the linear or surface aspects of your life experience.

Live in your fullness, calibrate and adjust your senses to a bigger picture and you then shall know and understand what ‘so much more” can truly mean for you, and you living your life to its fullest and greatest potential…for all concerned.

3 thoughts on “Let There Be Light!

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