You’re in Charge…Make The Connection

Tie the knot, bridge the gap, collect yourself and what is left of your best resources, and move on; it’s time!  Carry yourself with confidence and with strong value of who you are, across the gap and on to the other side, into what is next for you.  Begin a-new, begin again as new, whole and synchronized, inside and outside of you.  Make the connection here, come to realize who you are now, how you have changed, evolved and grown in the Light of your life.  This is your time now, do you see this?  Do you understand the importance of you waking up now, to understand how you have blossomed and melded together?  The depth and intricacy of you as the masterpiece, your masterpiece that has come now to this place in time to be all that you are and in unison with all that you are now connecting to.

What are you attracting?  What do your relationships, your living conditions, or your health look like to you?  Are there elements you would like to change or tweak, shed or fully release all together?  Then this is the time to do so.  Make the connection here; it is up to you to take charge of what is now needed and necessary to fulfill your desires for success.  Allow the Truth to come through you, freely and easily, as it will lead you to everything that is needed now in fulfilling your response to the call for your action now.  Begin to take notice of your power here; do not deny yourself your abilities and resources to be utilized in creating or renovating.  You are the only one for the job to take charge, as you are the one to hear the call.  Movement and progress become crucial here.  You are ready to notify any illusive mind-thoughts of their time to be released and removed, from your forward steps into your new chapter of life.

Recognize your “self” here, realize your intricacy in make-up and how unique you are with your abilities and talents, which only you can deliver and share.  Become the Light to another life so they too may find their way across the gap, and make their connection too.  Do you see how special you are?  Did you know that you are the only one who can deliver your gifts to the world at large?  Make the connection now, here, right now realize heaven and earth are you, and you are the connecting circuit blessed to bring forth the many gifts within you, to all those that now await you coming forward to answer the call.  You are it, you are “the one”, the one to choose, and the one that can or will complete the connection, to help create the “greater whole” now taking place.

2 thoughts on “You’re in Charge…Make The Connection

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