Feel Yourself Expand, Grow and Evolve

Release yourself in entirety now, out into the open.  Do not hesitate in any way here; a full release is now needed and necessary to come into your Higher Self and purpose.  Make the connection between where you have been and what you have experienced, to where you are now and where you are now going.  The knowing you sense and feel deep within your being is driving you forward and far out into the unknown.  There’s no time for thinking here, this is a call to your heart and soul, a call that must be answered now without doubts or fears, and removing all inhibitions while fully embracing your new steps in your new direction.  Your path becomes illuminated, you see it and you feel it.  You know it as you have created it with preparation and planning, long before arriving to this junction of full release and forward movement.  You are far beyond all ways of turning back, your path is clear, you are clear.

Step right into that which you know is your Truth now, that which you’re pure authentic self is, ready and willing to be all that you have come now to be, and share with your world.  You are a part of the greater whole, you are connected to all living and non-living, seen and unseen, all that is of love and Light.  There is no need to analyze these next steps you are making and taking in full love for yourself, and for all that you shall interact with.  Each and every being awaits you showing up in your fullness of which you are, there is no fallacy in that.  Become aware of your greater connection to all that is around you and you shall only know the love and Light that abounds, waiting to be tapped into.  Rejoice in your fullness and self-fulfillment of becoming your Highest and Greatest self, for as you continue to move forward this way you shall feel yourself expand, grow and evolve in a way you have not yet ever known.

You are in charge here, you are your own driving force and motivator.  It is your heart, your love, your Light that fills others, that supports and connects others, as you are also connected to them now, from a conscious state of full expanded awareness.   This is a heart-to-heart connection through love that is shared, delivered and received in fullness, unobstructed and freely flowing.  Find your way here now as this is your next new chapter to be lived and breathed by you, dear ones.  You are ready now to experience great peace and overflowing serenity in your living breathing days on the earth.  Release now anything, big or small, that would inhibit you from moving to this next great experience of pure-flowing love….as this “now” is right here!

3 thoughts on “Feel Yourself Expand, Grow and Evolve

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