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Say “I Do” to You!

Do you feel like you are walking a tightrope dear ones, or maybe climbing, climbing, climbing an endless ladder to promised success?  Do you sometimes feel like your dreams create more anxiety and strife than the joy and excitement they once had in the beginning?  Does your life feel like you are running, running, running, yet you look around and nothing seems to have changed?  Why do you think this keeps happening?  What is it that you are doing, or not doing, that is creating this overall monotony, day in and day out?  Whose running your life and making your choices and decisions for you, is it you?  Are you consciously committing to this type of lifestyle, where the world is just a big blur without fulfillment of your healthy loving joy?  Are you committing to move forward day to day as if falling into a big black hole yet surviving the fall, only to do it again the next day?  Yes, that was survive vs. thrive.  Does the empty promises and unfulfilled dreams lack Light and joy as you just settle for “less than” and compromise your dreams for the idea that “maybe one day” things will change, “one day” they will get better, “one day I will stop living a life I find completely unsatisfactory, let alone worthwhile, to give my energy to”?

Where is your commitment, your loyalty, your allegiance dear ones?  To what and to whom have you dedicated your time and energy to, knowing that you are the only one who can change what it is you know must be changed, and without another wasted moment of your valuable living breathing time?  Do you know your own worth?  Do you value you and who you are, your place in this vast open infinite world?  Did you ever believe that climbing that ladder would be the most unfulfilled experience you would know and that, with just simply one step, you could change that experience into an amazing new adventure?  Do it now dear ones, take your first step now to knowing what a new direction in your life could mean for you, as in a bright and beautiful now that carries you forward into a bright, beautiful, adventurous future.

Make the commitment to change, change the next step you take, someway, somehow.  Find the loyalty and allegiance to your own joy, your own hearts call to right action for you, dedicated to your joy and Truth of your Divine path and life purpose.  “Life purpose” dear ones, defined as purposeful, fulfilling, joyous flow or love flow, as meaning “all that you are consistently renewing yourself moment to moment”.  Receiving all that your life can bring you moment-to-moment, then giving and sharing your joy of you experiencing that Lighthearted joy, with all those you are blessed to come into contact with.  It is always your choice, your commitment, your focus, your life experience, everything included in this comes together for you, by you.  Thus if one knows there is always choice in any situation you are committing to, then it may as well be the choice made from a commitment to your Highest and greatest Self, to that Light being and free Spirit within you, that only knows the joy of living and experiencing life.  This “one” is one that does not settle for less than anything but their very best they are worthy to receive and give, and this “one” is one who will never compromise their loyalty and allegiance to their own integrity as a Spirited being of love and Truth.  Step off the tight rope, tear down the ladders and take your next step on to the High Open Road of your life dear ones.  Say “I do” to you!

Allegiance, Loyalty and Commitment…

What does it take to be loyal or committed to something dear ones?  Does whatever the cause, situation, person or task need to represent something “big” or popular?  Are you willing to align and commit to a general intention; with the understanding that it may require you to commit to baby steps, or a gradual process that includes, what you may feel are, small gestures?  Are not all commitments important?  A commitment is a commitment, is it not?  Great or small, that common thread is the holding to your loyalty or allegiance as it is pledged.  The size or magnitude of the actual outplay does not matter when it comes to the Truth of the vow to commit.  Do you feel otherwise?  Do you size up your principles and integrity to the degree of output or what you are giving on your end?  If you are giving or feeling the need to give more than any others involved, does that cause you to evaluate how much or how little you will bring to the allegiance or devotion, to keeping the full bond of loyalty intact?  Does your word of Truth to commit not mean just that, all or nothing?

Integrity becomes a key element here dear ones, for without integrity there cannot be a sound strong bond of loyalty or commitment.  Without integrity one becomes extremely vulnerable to elements of obstruction and misrepresentation.  Even the smallest fracture in a bond of allegiance can become fatal if all participants are not firm in their integrity and holding fast to what has been the initial reason for the allegiance or commitment, in the first place.  If one pledges their loyalty or allegiance it is up to whoever is joining in that pledge to recognize, or discern, the validity and Truth of whoever is joining in to that pledge of commitment.  One must not judge the degree of pledge as if there is some sort of sliding scale of commitment, but rather feel certain that the Truth is the Truth without denying that loyalty is loyalty, straight up, one-hundred percent, no shifting or sliding standard.  Thus as you approach your future opportunities for commitment and utilize this firm standard of integrity as an all-or-nothing allegiance, you will find that as you and all involved come to difficult challenges, those that are true to their word and commitment will follow through.  Also found is that there is an opportunity to continue to work together on a High platform of Truth, in what is now coming forth from the workings together in a firm loyal commitment and integrity, to complete what’s been started.

Know that when commitments are broken it is the right time to move on, and know that to have gratitude and a thankful heart for that one or many who shared, even a brief time, in their loyalty or allegiance with you, is just as important as the gratitude you feel toward those who continue on to the very end or completion.  The scale is non-existent dear ones, it is all relevant big or small, short or long, to the forward progress taking place.  So without further a-do, get going, be vigilant to your promises of Truth in loyalty and commitment, love each step taken, knowing how blessed you are to trust in your ability to commit yourself this way…as you give it all you’ve got.

Ignite the Fire of Your Power

The call of the wild, of the free, the unattached, the unchained and liberated Spirit…the call, like the caw of a bird, the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees or a dog howling deep into the night.  What is your call dear one?  Do you know what is calling out to you now?  Do you realize your own call or beckon out to the universe?  Now it is time to listen, listen and sense what calls to you now.  Your response is needed, yet you must first receive that call to your Soul before knowing where it is you are going next.  Retrieve the resources necessary here before stepping forward.  Find your way into your new skin as you now become dressed for the part you are stepping into.  You are fully aligned now to what calls you forth.  You feel good about who you are as you find serenity and clarity with where you are now going.  You trust yourself, your choice to be fully one with who you are and all that you are.

The call continues to guide you forward, you sense and feel its consistency and know its integrity, as it is in full Truth with your path and purpose.  You just “know”…your entire being resonates with this clear knowing of Truth to follow-through. “How can this be so strong” you ask yourself and “Where is this connection and drive forward coming from”?  You sense and feel its strength and hold on your heart, on your passions and entire being.  You know its Truth for you; you know you are the one to answer and follow-through.  Nothing can stop you at this point in acceptance dear ones.  Your heart, mind and action are firm in alignment and all moving in the same direction.  You are completely focused on this call to your progress, thus you shall be the one to breakthrough anything attempting to stand in your way.  You will beat the odds every time.

You are now a solid driving force of power and talent mobilized in a momentum that only grows in strength.  Do you see here that it is you who is the one to ignite the fire of your power…that it is you who will ignite the pilot and then stoke the flame, to create its driving forces into a higher and higher vibration accessibility…to reach new heights of your power you’ve not yet been able to attain on your own before?  You come to realize here at this junction dear one, that you are the power and force you’ve been looking for all along.  It is you that will create your next big shift and change into a higher gear of smooth flowing momentum, directly to the next new cycle of life waiting just for you.  You have arrived; see your great accomplishments in beating all the odds of illusion, as you find new clarity in where you are now upon your Divine path of purpose and being.

Beat the Odds…The Power of One

The music is in your heart dear ones and the medicine for the Soul, freeing the Spirit and liberating the body to adapt and receive all that is good and nourishing.  Open and receive, receive the energy and the powers to be utilized in all that you are creating and manifesting now.  Receive the “know-how”, the inspiration and understanding of what is now readily available to come to you and through you, in love and Light of all that you are now becoming.

“Blank” is the beginning of any creation.  “Blank” means unknowable or mysterious and “blank” holds all that is ready to be actualized.  “Blank” is the foundation for fresh and new, a clean slate without any rules or directives.  “Blank” is a free and open space to pour your heart and Soul in to, giving your new fresh start everything you’ve got to give, at that moment in time.  There is a freedom in the “blank” as there is no opposition, no obstacles and no resistance, only pure flow.  This dear one is the power of “the one”, for as it takes “many” to restrict that which is powerful, it only takes “one” to flow that very same power-force.  You can see this now as capturing and embracing that which flows to you and through you, that you are “the one” directing that flow and you are “the one” to decide what shall flow into the “blank” space you’ve been given to work with.  You decide how much of your heart (love) and Soul (wisdom) shall be utilized for what is about to be newly mixed and blended, then shaped into form for your reality.  Always with your directives, coupled with your choices, of what stays and what goes.

You are the visionary guided by that which is working with you, inspiring new dimensions in what you are creating, and guiding your manifestation process to completion.  Recognize here that you are the vessel for this flowing creative power.  You are everything you need to take your creation from “blank” space into a full and completed form.  You are the one with all the power and you decide how far you want to go with any thought, idea, dream or desire.  Here, beating any odds becomes moot as your only competitor or obstacle is yourself.  You are “the one” with all that you want or need.  You are “the one” to see this creation through to its form in your reality, thus your follow-through is your greatest power dear ones.  Simply follow through and complete that which you have started as a song in your heart and a fire igniting the Light in your Soul.  From here the rest is history; you will beat the odds every time!

A Beautiful Mind

Start with a thought then take that thought as far out of its context as you can.  This dear one is what goes on continuously in your awake or sleeping moments.  There is a continuum of thought moving through your head and mind, some that you latch on to and dive deeper into its deeper meaning or purpose, and some that never get the opportunity to be acknowledged.  Your mind is a powerful tool, a gifted resource of information and necessary direction for many different purposes.  Yet the mind is a part of your entire being, your entire workings work together with your mind for their various purposes of functions.  How far can one take their mind into the depth or purpose of use?  Do you believe you are the one in control of your own mind, or is what is ongoing seemed to just be allowed to manage all on its own, without your say in it?   Based on your conscious awareness only you can answer this, as you are the only one to be aware of what’s coming or going, in or out of your mind.  The thoughts, ideas, and information are coming and going as a part of all your senses being in action, and it is your mind that will process this input or output in accordance with its own desire to do so.

This mind is not separate from you, thus it is you.  Your mind is directed and determined by you in accordance with the rest of your senses acting in unison with their input and output.  As you come to take responsibility for this beautiful mind you’ve been given, it is here you can begin to allow your own growth and evolving to occur.  It is here that you can, in your awareness to a “bigger” perspective or scope of focus, bring adjustments to alleviate narrow definitions or boundaries, and bring into focus new dimensions of the very same subject of perception.  It is here one can begin to see, know and feel on a grand scale, maximizing their abilities to move out of old comfort zones and allow their self to “see” with all their senses the new vision forming.  This clear understanding of its grand scale and nature allows more to be present without struggle, judgment or rejection.

Open up to this now.  Start with your mind dear ones, pry open the mind as far as you feel you can, then take another look around you.  See, feel and know here just how wide and deep your experience can be, with each thought delivered to you that you see fit to expand upon and bring forward into your experience, this whole new way of extending your range.

Eye Max…Extending Your Range

Take the shot, go ahead, as any hesitation can pull you out of focus.  How can one have focus, which seems to be narrow, while still extending their range, dimension or expanded area of perception?  This sounds like opposition, yet as one finds a focus, it is here in that small area of focus that “everything” is contained; as from this point of focus, all that’s connected to that center moves outward.  If one begins to scatter their sight from side-to-side or up and down, they will lose track of the entire “whole” or circumference of that focus.  Thus, the focus must remain centered while the expanded knowing or understanding encompasses everything around that center.  Think of a target, and as you look at your target there will always be one point you will gauge as important.  Depending on what you are seeking, that point of focus may be anywhere on that target, yet the point itself is the focus, and that focus is your center point.

This is the same for your vision or perspective, dear ones.  The depth and quality of the range of your vision or perspective is purely dependent on your one small point of focus.  Your focus becomes the ultimate point of reference; everything you allow to be observed or taken in will be referenced from that point, or focus of understanding and perspective.  You start with your focus then elaborate beyond that small narrow point.  How “max” your range will be is completely based on how far you allow this to go.  You are the decider of scope, depth and extension.  All is processed in your mind, and yet your mind is only cooperating with your point of reference, or your focus-point of choice.  There are no specific rules here dear ones, just open your eyes and maximize your understanding of what’s around you simply by finding a point of focus, and allowing anything that finds its way to you to be a part of the extended version of that focus.

What is the point here and what is the purpose of understanding this?  This is to simply know that with little effort of your consciousness you can find and experience a vast world that exists right where you are standing.  The intricacy, the details, the extraordinary are all right there, right around you, right here and now, there is no waiting or having to travel anywhere.  Just open your eyes and your mind, and then feel it all as it will come forth without delay or hesitation to you, as you open to receive it.  Knowledge, understanding, beauty, creation and the unseen, all is readily available to extend your range of your life experience, beyond anything your mind could possibly imagine.  Just let it in and feel it all dear ones, feel and sense it all while embracing the new focus it will then create.

Happy Trails!

Mastery, becoming the best at something…what is your best dear ones and what does it mean to give “it” your best?  What is this “it” you designate as the subject of importance to you?  As you take a look at yourself and who you are, do you always see a “before” and an “after”?  If so, what denotes the “before” and what denotes the “after”?  It is not likely you would do this comparison on any regular basis, yet if for one time of looking at yourself this way, do you see the “before” as before you came to earth this lifetime?  Which would then mean the “after” would be about where you are at in this present moment in time?  From this scenario dear one, it is more likely one looks at themselves in any given moment in time and reflects on what has changed, yet the basis for that change will fluctuate on the basis of the “before” aspects.  There are many “be fore’s” in any given “now” moment, each has played its part in your evolution to your “now” moment.  If one can look at their self in any given moment and just see a “whole” person and being, one who is balanced and flowing Light and love, then it is here Mastery may be in its ultimate experience.  As a being made up of many elements you are not likely to be in this pure state of Mastery, which is why it is key to become aware of your state of awareness, or perception of “self”, in any given moment in time.

To master this concept of pure flow one must be aware of their self-processing, inside and outside of their self.  You all have dreams and desires, even just basic needs to live and remain in good health.  At any given moment in time are you aware of all these elements at once?  Not likely, you may find a need to fill here and there, or realize a dream or desire that waits your attention and imagination, yet in mastering these all important elements of your make-up, it is here one would be in a conscious directive of what is being processed, moment to moment.  Can what is being described here actually be available to accomplish?  Is it even possible to be in a pure conscious state of awareness on a minute-by-minute continuous basis?  Only a Master could answer that dear ones.

You are all potential Masters, you are all capable to be, doing, or master anything you put your energy into.  Yes, this is true; anything is possible here when one is consistently devoted and vigilant to whatever their direct focus and energy is applied to.  Thus when it comes to your path dear ones, is it that path you designed long “before” you came, or is it that path you observe from where you stand in this moment in time?  It is your choice, is the answer.  Either way you are on your path and you are always striving for Mastery, it is already a part of you “before” any “after” and “after” any “before”.  Take the “it” as far as your heart desires and don’t forget to have some fun along the way!  Happy trails!

Master Your Path

Mastery, mastering something, a master at something, you are on the leading edge as a master.  How does this concept of mastery feel for you dear ones?  Does it make you want to run and hide or claim denial to a perceived hardship of doing more “work”?  “Mastery must be hard and tedious”, is this what you think?  Your days have enough going on and you really are not looking for more “work”, especially what it might take in mastering something.  Leading edge or no leading edge, you’re not feeling up for anything requiring your extra time of effort.  Are these your thoughts dear ones?  Are you a slave to your own routines that even thinking of putting yourself forth in such a way to master something makes you embrace your “normal” schedules that much more?

Do you realize your call here to mastery is one that has been designed by you?  Yes, you are the master of your own life, your own path, your own output and input.  You decide the depth and quality of your life journey; it is all in your choices and decisions to be or not to be.  From this perspective do you feel different about what is being asked here?  Once you come to take the time to really look deep into your own life, and then come to realize you are the one in control and the one driving yourself forward, do you then begin to feel the excitement and passion for a great life experience stirring within you?  Yes it is you, you are the master of this life experience you engage in, day in and day out.  Yes, with this perspective you do have time to give to bless yourself with a deep quality relationship with yourself, and with all that you are choosing to experience.  You now begin to realize life just seems to be going by, and that you desire or have expectations for it to only get “better”, from your definition of what “better” is.  You begin to realize by taking the reins of your life and taking responsibility for your “better” life, that you are able to create it, that you begin to attract this into your life.  This is mastery, for as you begin to re-structure your life this way you then come to realize how you are touching others, and how you are assisting others to help make their life “better” too.

You come to realize now that there is some type of connection in mastery of your path and purpose, to you finding your joy and new depth of experience, causing you to then begin to feel you must share it with others.  Your life now begins to overflow beyond your own understanding and you feel the need to want to know more, to experience more.  Thus, you now become a master in mastery, a master in the “extraordinary”, a master in experiencing the exceptional and the profound.  You actually know what this all means because you have not only personally experienced it but you’ve been able to share it, not with just one other but with many.   So now you begin to realize how each person, each being you have shared your extraordinary and profound life experience with has also been able to do the same with someone, and that someone with someone, yes, the effects are eternal.  But you dear ones already knew that, as you have made that moment in time important enough to master your path.  Bravo indeed!