Master Your Path

Mastery, mastering something, a master at something, you are on the leading edge as a master.  How does this concept of mastery feel for you dear ones?  Does it make you want to run and hide or claim denial to a perceived hardship of doing more “work”?  “Mastery must be hard and tedious”, is this what you think?  Your days have enough going on and you really are not looking for more “work”, especially what it might take in mastering something.  Leading edge or no leading edge, you’re not feeling up for anything requiring your extra time of effort.  Are these your thoughts dear ones?  Are you a slave to your own routines that even thinking of putting yourself forth in such a way to master something makes you embrace your “normal” schedules that much more?

Do you realize your call here to mastery is one that has been designed by you?  Yes, you are the master of your own life, your own path, your own output and input.  You decide the depth and quality of your life journey; it is all in your choices and decisions to be or not to be.  From this perspective do you feel different about what is being asked here?  Once you come to take the time to really look deep into your own life, and then come to realize you are the one in control and the one driving yourself forward, do you then begin to feel the excitement and passion for a great life experience stirring within you?  Yes it is you, you are the master of this life experience you engage in, day in and day out.  Yes, with this perspective you do have time to give to bless yourself with a deep quality relationship with yourself, and with all that you are choosing to experience.  You now begin to realize life just seems to be going by, and that you desire or have expectations for it to only get “better”, from your definition of what “better” is.  You begin to realize by taking the reins of your life and taking responsibility for your “better” life, that you are able to create it, that you begin to attract this into your life.  This is mastery, for as you begin to re-structure your life this way you then come to realize how you are touching others, and how you are assisting others to help make their life “better” too.

You come to realize now that there is some type of connection in mastery of your path and purpose, to you finding your joy and new depth of experience, causing you to then begin to feel you must share it with others.  Your life now begins to overflow beyond your own understanding and you feel the need to want to know more, to experience more.  Thus, you now become a master in mastery, a master in the “extraordinary”, a master in experiencing the exceptional and the profound.  You actually know what this all means because you have not only personally experienced it but you’ve been able to share it, not with just one other but with many.   So now you begin to realize how each person, each being you have shared your extraordinary and profound life experience with has also been able to do the same with someone, and that someone with someone, yes, the effects are eternal.  But you dear ones already knew that, as you have made that moment in time important enough to master your path.  Bravo indeed!

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