Happy Trails!

Mastery, becoming the best at something…what is your best dear ones and what does it mean to give “it” your best?  What is this “it” you designate as the subject of importance to you?  As you take a look at yourself and who you are, do you always see a “before” and an “after”?  If so, what denotes the “before” and what denotes the “after”?  It is not likely you would do this comparison on any regular basis, yet if for one time of looking at yourself this way, do you see the “before” as before you came to earth this lifetime?  Which would then mean the “after” would be about where you are at in this present moment in time?  From this scenario dear one, it is more likely one looks at themselves in any given moment in time and reflects on what has changed, yet the basis for that change will fluctuate on the basis of the “before” aspects.  There are many “be fore’s” in any given “now” moment, each has played its part in your evolution to your “now” moment.  If one can look at their self in any given moment and just see a “whole” person and being, one who is balanced and flowing Light and love, then it is here Mastery may be in its ultimate experience.  As a being made up of many elements you are not likely to be in this pure state of Mastery, which is why it is key to become aware of your state of awareness, or perception of “self”, in any given moment in time.

To master this concept of pure flow one must be aware of their self-processing, inside and outside of their self.  You all have dreams and desires, even just basic needs to live and remain in good health.  At any given moment in time are you aware of all these elements at once?  Not likely, you may find a need to fill here and there, or realize a dream or desire that waits your attention and imagination, yet in mastering these all important elements of your make-up, it is here one would be in a conscious directive of what is being processed, moment to moment.  Can what is being described here actually be available to accomplish?  Is it even possible to be in a pure conscious state of awareness on a minute-by-minute continuous basis?  Only a Master could answer that dear ones.

You are all potential Masters, you are all capable to be, doing, or master anything you put your energy into.  Yes, this is true; anything is possible here when one is consistently devoted and vigilant to whatever their direct focus and energy is applied to.  Thus when it comes to your path dear ones, is it that path you designed long “before” you came, or is it that path you observe from where you stand in this moment in time?  It is your choice, is the answer.  Either way you are on your path and you are always striving for Mastery, it is already a part of you “before” any “after” and “after” any “before”.  Take the “it” as far as your heart desires and don’t forget to have some fun along the way!  Happy trails!

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