Eye Max…Extending Your Range

Take the shot, go ahead, as any hesitation can pull you out of focus.  How can one have focus, which seems to be narrow, while still extending their range, dimension or expanded area of perception?  This sounds like opposition, yet as one finds a focus, it is here in that small area of focus that “everything” is contained; as from this point of focus, all that’s connected to that center moves outward.  If one begins to scatter their sight from side-to-side or up and down, they will lose track of the entire “whole” or circumference of that focus.  Thus, the focus must remain centered while the expanded knowing or understanding encompasses everything around that center.  Think of a target, and as you look at your target there will always be one point you will gauge as important.  Depending on what you are seeking, that point of focus may be anywhere on that target, yet the point itself is the focus, and that focus is your center point.

This is the same for your vision or perspective, dear ones.  The depth and quality of the range of your vision or perspective is purely dependent on your one small point of focus.  Your focus becomes the ultimate point of reference; everything you allow to be observed or taken in will be referenced from that point, or focus of understanding and perspective.  You start with your focus then elaborate beyond that small narrow point.  How “max” your range will be is completely based on how far you allow this to go.  You are the decider of scope, depth and extension.  All is processed in your mind, and yet your mind is only cooperating with your point of reference, or your focus-point of choice.  There are no specific rules here dear ones, just open your eyes and maximize your understanding of what’s around you simply by finding a point of focus, and allowing anything that finds its way to you to be a part of the extended version of that focus.

What is the point here and what is the purpose of understanding this?  This is to simply know that with little effort of your consciousness you can find and experience a vast world that exists right where you are standing.  The intricacy, the details, the extraordinary are all right there, right around you, right here and now, there is no waiting or having to travel anywhere.  Just open your eyes and your mind, and then feel it all as it will come forth without delay or hesitation to you, as you open to receive it.  Knowledge, understanding, beauty, creation and the unseen, all is readily available to extend your range of your life experience, beyond anything your mind could possibly imagine.  Just let it in and feel it all dear ones, feel and sense it all while embracing the new focus it will then create.

6 thoughts on “Eye Max…Extending Your Range

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