A Beautiful Mind

Start with a thought then take that thought as far out of its context as you can.  This dear one is what goes on continuously in your awake or sleeping moments.  There is a continuum of thought moving through your head and mind, some that you latch on to and dive deeper into its deeper meaning or purpose, and some that never get the opportunity to be acknowledged.  Your mind is a powerful tool, a gifted resource of information and necessary direction for many different purposes.  Yet the mind is a part of your entire being, your entire workings work together with your mind for their various purposes of functions.  How far can one take their mind into the depth or purpose of use?  Do you believe you are the one in control of your own mind, or is what is ongoing seemed to just be allowed to manage all on its own, without your say in it?   Based on your conscious awareness only you can answer this, as you are the only one to be aware of what’s coming or going, in or out of your mind.  The thoughts, ideas, and information are coming and going as a part of all your senses being in action, and it is your mind that will process this input or output in accordance with its own desire to do so.

This mind is not separate from you, thus it is you.  Your mind is directed and determined by you in accordance with the rest of your senses acting in unison with their input and output.  As you come to take responsibility for this beautiful mind you’ve been given, it is here you can begin to allow your own growth and evolving to occur.  It is here that you can, in your awareness to a “bigger” perspective or scope of focus, bring adjustments to alleviate narrow definitions or boundaries, and bring into focus new dimensions of the very same subject of perception.  It is here one can begin to see, know and feel on a grand scale, maximizing their abilities to move out of old comfort zones and allow their self to “see” with all their senses the new vision forming.  This clear understanding of its grand scale and nature allows more to be present without struggle, judgment or rejection.

Open up to this now.  Start with your mind dear ones, pry open the mind as far as you feel you can, then take another look around you.  See, feel and know here just how wide and deep your experience can be, with each thought delivered to you that you see fit to expand upon and bring forward into your experience, this whole new way of extending your range.

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