Beat the Odds…The Power of One

The music is in your heart dear ones and the medicine for the Soul, freeing the Spirit and liberating the body to adapt and receive all that is good and nourishing.  Open and receive, receive the energy and the powers to be utilized in all that you are creating and manifesting now.  Receive the “know-how”, the inspiration and understanding of what is now readily available to come to you and through you, in love and Light of all that you are now becoming.

“Blank” is the beginning of any creation.  “Blank” means unknowable or mysterious and “blank” holds all that is ready to be actualized.  “Blank” is the foundation for fresh and new, a clean slate without any rules or directives.  “Blank” is a free and open space to pour your heart and Soul in to, giving your new fresh start everything you’ve got to give, at that moment in time.  There is a freedom in the “blank” as there is no opposition, no obstacles and no resistance, only pure flow.  This dear one is the power of “the one”, for as it takes “many” to restrict that which is powerful, it only takes “one” to flow that very same power-force.  You can see this now as capturing and embracing that which flows to you and through you, that you are “the one” directing that flow and you are “the one” to decide what shall flow into the “blank” space you’ve been given to work with.  You decide how much of your heart (love) and Soul (wisdom) shall be utilized for what is about to be newly mixed and blended, then shaped into form for your reality.  Always with your directives, coupled with your choices, of what stays and what goes.

You are the visionary guided by that which is working with you, inspiring new dimensions in what you are creating, and guiding your manifestation process to completion.  Recognize here that you are the vessel for this flowing creative power.  You are everything you need to take your creation from “blank” space into a full and completed form.  You are the one with all the power and you decide how far you want to go with any thought, idea, dream or desire.  Here, beating any odds becomes moot as your only competitor or obstacle is yourself.  You are “the one” with all that you want or need.  You are “the one” to see this creation through to its form in your reality, thus your follow-through is your greatest power dear ones.  Simply follow through and complete that which you have started as a song in your heart and a fire igniting the Light in your Soul.  From here the rest is history; you will beat the odds every time!

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