Ignite the Fire of Your Power

The call of the wild, of the free, the unattached, the unchained and liberated Spirit…the call, like the caw of a bird, the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees or a dog howling deep into the night.  What is your call dear one?  Do you know what is calling out to you now?  Do you realize your own call or beckon out to the universe?  Now it is time to listen, listen and sense what calls to you now.  Your response is needed, yet you must first receive that call to your Soul before knowing where it is you are going next.  Retrieve the resources necessary here before stepping forward.  Find your way into your new skin as you now become dressed for the part you are stepping into.  You are fully aligned now to what calls you forth.  You feel good about who you are as you find serenity and clarity with where you are now going.  You trust yourself, your choice to be fully one with who you are and all that you are.

The call continues to guide you forward, you sense and feel its consistency and know its integrity, as it is in full Truth with your path and purpose.  You just “know”…your entire being resonates with this clear knowing of Truth to follow-through. “How can this be so strong” you ask yourself and “Where is this connection and drive forward coming from”?  You sense and feel its strength and hold on your heart, on your passions and entire being.  You know its Truth for you; you know you are the one to answer and follow-through.  Nothing can stop you at this point in acceptance dear ones.  Your heart, mind and action are firm in alignment and all moving in the same direction.  You are completely focused on this call to your progress, thus you shall be the one to breakthrough anything attempting to stand in your way.  You will beat the odds every time.

You are now a solid driving force of power and talent mobilized in a momentum that only grows in strength.  Do you see here that it is you who is the one to ignite the fire of your power…that it is you who will ignite the pilot and then stoke the flame, to create its driving forces into a higher and higher vibration accessibility…to reach new heights of your power you’ve not yet been able to attain on your own before?  You come to realize here at this junction dear one, that you are the power and force you’ve been looking for all along.  It is you that will create your next big shift and change into a higher gear of smooth flowing momentum, directly to the next new cycle of life waiting just for you.  You have arrived; see your great accomplishments in beating all the odds of illusion, as you find new clarity in where you are now upon your Divine path of purpose and being.

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