Allegiance, Loyalty and Commitment…

What does it take to be loyal or committed to something dear ones?  Does whatever the cause, situation, person or task need to represent something “big” or popular?  Are you willing to align and commit to a general intention; with the understanding that it may require you to commit to baby steps, or a gradual process that includes, what you may feel are, small gestures?  Are not all commitments important?  A commitment is a commitment, is it not?  Great or small, that common thread is the holding to your loyalty or allegiance as it is pledged.  The size or magnitude of the actual outplay does not matter when it comes to the Truth of the vow to commit.  Do you feel otherwise?  Do you size up your principles and integrity to the degree of output or what you are giving on your end?  If you are giving or feeling the need to give more than any others involved, does that cause you to evaluate how much or how little you will bring to the allegiance or devotion, to keeping the full bond of loyalty intact?  Does your word of Truth to commit not mean just that, all or nothing?

Integrity becomes a key element here dear ones, for without integrity there cannot be a sound strong bond of loyalty or commitment.  Without integrity one becomes extremely vulnerable to elements of obstruction and misrepresentation.  Even the smallest fracture in a bond of allegiance can become fatal if all participants are not firm in their integrity and holding fast to what has been the initial reason for the allegiance or commitment, in the first place.  If one pledges their loyalty or allegiance it is up to whoever is joining in that pledge to recognize, or discern, the validity and Truth of whoever is joining in to that pledge of commitment.  One must not judge the degree of pledge as if there is some sort of sliding scale of commitment, but rather feel certain that the Truth is the Truth without denying that loyalty is loyalty, straight up, one-hundred percent, no shifting or sliding standard.  Thus as you approach your future opportunities for commitment and utilize this firm standard of integrity as an all-or-nothing allegiance, you will find that as you and all involved come to difficult challenges, those that are true to their word and commitment will follow through.  Also found is that there is an opportunity to continue to work together on a High platform of Truth, in what is now coming forth from the workings together in a firm loyal commitment and integrity, to complete what’s been started.

Know that when commitments are broken it is the right time to move on, and know that to have gratitude and a thankful heart for that one or many who shared, even a brief time, in their loyalty or allegiance with you, is just as important as the gratitude you feel toward those who continue on to the very end or completion.  The scale is non-existent dear ones, it is all relevant big or small, short or long, to the forward progress taking place.  So without further a-do, get going, be vigilant to your promises of Truth in loyalty and commitment, love each step taken, knowing how blessed you are to trust in your ability to commit yourself this way…as you give it all you’ve got.

3 thoughts on “Allegiance, Loyalty and Commitment…

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