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What’s In Your Mirror?

As you “look” do you “see”, as each is their own defining action?  One may look, as in glance or view, but what is actually seen can only be defined by the looker.  As one may see the exact same situation from a whole different perspective, this does not make one right and the other wrong.  This is where one comes to realize they have free-will and free choice.  There are many ways to describe the same situation or vision dear ones.  The question here is “How do you see yourself”? If you were to walk into a room full of strangers, how do you think they would define you, inside and out, with only just having met you?  What if they could only shower you with numerous compliments, one right after the other?  What if they just felt that they needed to tell you they thought you were an amazing person, loving, generous and kind?  How do you feel you would accept their generous compliments and showering niceties?  Would you immediately deny them, ward them off or attempt to downplay the meaning of their grand nature?  Would you begin to feel the need to explain your background and expose past events you felt were of a much lower caliber in your nature, just to be sure they were not deceived by their own first impressions?

Is this what happens when you look into the mirror dear ones?  Each new day or closing evening, as you glance and observe the reflection in the mirror, are the very first thoughts how beautiful you are or are there an immediate rolling of your own eyes in harsh criticism to the one staring back at you?  Where do your eyes look, into your own eyes to recognize the Light of your Soul and Spirit within, or is it to the faults or perceived lack of characteristics you see drastically changing beyond your control?  Is love your intention every time you stop to glance and look at the one in the mirror?  Do you see only love, Light and beauty in all that is reflecting back at you?

Dear ones, the choice is yours, the conscious decisions must be made here, right now, to embrace with all the love in your heart, Soul and being the one staring back at you.  This is your responsibility to you.  This is your job to be sure you are embraced, loved and nurtured with the utmost kindness and compassion.  There is no other that can love you this way.  There is no other that knows the beauty of your complexity in all that you are, in all that you have come to share with this world.  It is up to you to make a conscious intention to see yourself with loving eyes each and every opportunity you get.

So, next time you stop to take a peak, a glance, or a long deep look at yourself, open your heart to the one who looks back at you, as you are their saving grace.

Simply Let It Be

Whisper words of wisdom, let it be…no pushing, no struggling, no frustration, just pure letting it all be present.  Everything coming forward into your world right now embraces all that you are asking for.  Do you believe that?  Can you let this be that simple?  Yes, there is no need for chaos or complicated thoughts and feelings.  A simple take on what is being said here will do just fine.  “No day but today” is full of meaning yet comes forward without complexity, unless you make it that way.  “No way”, you say, “there are many days that a mix and bundle of many situations come forward at once, demanding my minds attention or physical hands on”.  “There’s no way to get around chaos and entanglements, they are imposed and must be dealt with”.

Dear ones, do you believe that there would be only one way to see the meaning of these four words?  Do you feel the only Truth is that “no day but today” will always carry complications, as life is very present in both the past and the future?  Do you feel that living in this “now” day-frame of reference is acting in complete denial and irresponsibility?  What’s lead you to this deduction?  Somewhere there is a root to this formed answer.  Do you see that once one can embrace this “now” concept of a twenty-four hour time frame being the only reality, that in Truth, you have just expanded your position and thought flow?  To refine your focus into a state of direct attention and awareness, you have just liberated your entire thought process to be everything it can be, in its fullest potential.  With your focus devoted to even one spec of the “day” frame of reference, you have just opened yourself to innumerable new doors and avenues that can now be addressed, elaborated on and formed into new thought.  When one is tied up in the past “has been” energies, this will be what zaps your current energies.  If one is struggling to understand their future outplay, now they are engrossed in scenarios that one is not prepared to fulfill yet.  Everything happens in your “now” thus can you see how important it would be to be fully present here in this “now”, this moment, hour or even day?

Each day gives you a time frame that begins and ends a way to move forward and through your journey, to unravel and reveal the many pieces to your life’s plan and purpose.  Seeing your life through the eyes of “one day” allows you to take notice of what is truly present right now just for you, gifts, resources and talents that can be utilized as they become understood by you, for you.  All that is awakened on this “day” frame of time can be available to prepare for another new day, a day that still remains a mystery yet one that you may come to meet and greet upon awakening refreshed and integrated, from the day you are laying to rest.  Simple, yes very simple, and once practiced there will only be a joy in what comes forth in its abundance everyday for you, since you will now see it, know it and understand it, because you are awakened to its simplicity of just being.

So just let it be dear ones, as it will all come right to you no strings attached, one day at a time.  Enjoy!

No Day But Today

What are you questioning here; can the words just be what they are?  Does there have to be some other meaning in-between what is simply stated here?  No day but today, you think “if this is it then what else is there to say or discuss here”?  Start with, how do you feel about the simplicity of these words?  Do you feel uneasy with simple and easy? If so, what is it that you are looking for here?  More words, more thoughts, some drama or explanation for this to be even discussed?  Dear ones, you are not being pinned down here or held back against your will by the context of these four words.  You are free to roam about and extend your understanding of this phrase as large, bold or grand as you feel the need.  Let loose here; go ahead, there’s no better time as there is no day but today. Yes, go ahead, you can relax about what clutters your head with the tomorrow’s agenda, and you can completely liberate yourself from any and all unwanted memories or thoughts about what happened yesterday.  Yes, you can even break this down to a moment-by-moment basis.  The Truth is there is only now, right now, right where you are, who you are and everything that brought you to this now moment or day.

Today is exact and perfect, you are truly free moment-to-moment, just detach and move on.  This mere twenty-four hour time span, so designed by you, is used as a way for you to measure or judge.  Maybe you take score on a day-to-day basis of “good” or “bad”, “did do” or “didn’t do” or maybe you just allow each day to become a magical gift of unknowns and new mysteries to unravel.  Maybe you see the mornings that you wake up as a complete moment of Truth that allows you to start fresh and brand new after a long beauty rest.  How invigorating and refreshing this makes one feel to see their new day this way.  All is your choice in perspective dear ones.  Either way you see it, today is all there really is.  So what will today be for you?  Can you embrace the simplicity being offered here and completely free yourself right here and now, without even waiting for another new day?  If so, bravo for you, as you will find that with this wisdom of the now moment just how full your life can be.  No, not empty or stagnant, full, more full than any other way of considering yourself or whereabouts at this moment in time.

The simplicity of this here frees you to truly live each ticking moment.  As you are more aware of what is present in your “simple” present, there is a dimensional aspect that can take place from the connection made between mind, body and Spirit.  There is a clear and pure conscious awareness that can prevail which not only fills, but overflows your thoughts and ideas with new energies, not able to be accessed before.  If one can remain in this simple mode of “moment-to-moment”, “one day at a time”, your focus can produce razor sharp clarity with all that is available and accessible during each moment.  If one is distracted and scattered by their past or future, “what is” flies by unseen, unrecognized and diminished into nothingness, as it is not acknowledged.  One is simply left with emptiness or uncertainty from thoughts of yesterdays or distracting concerns from thoughts about tomorrows.  Do you see now how acknowledging “there is no day but today” brings you unlimited possibilities, that once noted will become opportunities to come forward in an overflowing abundance for fulfillment?  How much could you create here in your “here and now” focus dear ones?  Beyond anything you can imagine, is the answer.  So, let’s start again, there is no day but today, love it, live it fully and know that you are blessed beyond words to make it anything you choose it to be! Enjoy!

Stretch Living from “Intellectual” to “Experiencing”

Count your blessings dear ones and move on, step in to living and breathing what’s now “next” for you to experience.  Pull the pieces together that are still left lying around, make a decision on what is ready to be fully integrated, and bust out of your old shell, whole and in your new form.  Begin to feel what is around you now.  Come to realize your whereabouts and hone in on what has been made a-new.  No second-guessing your instincts here, dear ones, you are ready to trust in fullness all that you feel and know now as your reality.  Do you realize what is newly mastered?  Are you able to detect how you have changed and what has been rejuvenated or awakened?  Look deep within yourself without any doubts of your ability to do so.  Capture your intuition speaking loud and clear to you as it unveils new Truth ready for you to now come to know and understand.

All that becomes somewhat familiar here now engages the mind.  Your mind begins to hone in on what it might consider possibilities or new options readily available.  “What can I do with this new found glory or insightful information”, your mind asks?  Detection of anything new, the mind will immediately grab hold of what is available and begin to create thought or scenarios around its new found glory of possibilities.  “Let’s take control of this”, the mind says as it immediately grabs hold of its position as “the one in charge”.  “Let’s think this all through and create new perspectives from our new found information and creative resources”.  Yet what happens after this mind frenzy and idea free-for-all becomes the critical moment of Truth, dear ones.  It becomes the time now for the “next”, the next step, and the next point of action.  It is now time to take action, to follow through, to implement your glorious ideas that have been thought over so precisely and scanned for all and any flaws to their integrity and usefulness.

It’s time to deliver the goods dear ones.  Throughout this entire process of thought and idea collaboration you have experienced a sense of joy; you have felt a delight in your experience of what was being g created within your glorious mind.  Yet, now as you move deep into this creative process, you desire more than this mind experience.  The rest of your being wants some of the action too.  It’s time now to implement your thoughts and apply them to action for the next glorious phase of fully experiencing what is coming together, and coming forth now to feel, know and live.  Yes, it is time to live your glorious desires and dreams, to fully experience them from a physical reality where they now take on a new and expanded version of the experience.  Everything comes together here dear ones, to support this process and see this through for you, to have and to hold from this moment forward, as your unique experience.  Within it, is a gift just for you, a memory to last a lifetime!