Stretch Living from “Intellectual” to “Experiencing”

Count your blessings dear ones and move on, step in to living and breathing what’s now “next” for you to experience.  Pull the pieces together that are still left lying around, make a decision on what is ready to be fully integrated, and bust out of your old shell, whole and in your new form.  Begin to feel what is around you now.  Come to realize your whereabouts and hone in on what has been made a-new.  No second-guessing your instincts here, dear ones, you are ready to trust in fullness all that you feel and know now as your reality.  Do you realize what is newly mastered?  Are you able to detect how you have changed and what has been rejuvenated or awakened?  Look deep within yourself without any doubts of your ability to do so.  Capture your intuition speaking loud and clear to you as it unveils new Truth ready for you to now come to know and understand.

All that becomes somewhat familiar here now engages the mind.  Your mind begins to hone in on what it might consider possibilities or new options readily available.  “What can I do with this new found glory or insightful information”, your mind asks?  Detection of anything new, the mind will immediately grab hold of what is available and begin to create thought or scenarios around its new found glory of possibilities.  “Let’s take control of this”, the mind says as it immediately grabs hold of its position as “the one in charge”.  “Let’s think this all through and create new perspectives from our new found information and creative resources”.  Yet what happens after this mind frenzy and idea free-for-all becomes the critical moment of Truth, dear ones.  It becomes the time now for the “next”, the next step, and the next point of action.  It is now time to take action, to follow through, to implement your glorious ideas that have been thought over so precisely and scanned for all and any flaws to their integrity and usefulness.

It’s time to deliver the goods dear ones.  Throughout this entire process of thought and idea collaboration you have experienced a sense of joy; you have felt a delight in your experience of what was being g created within your glorious mind.  Yet, now as you move deep into this creative process, you desire more than this mind experience.  The rest of your being wants some of the action too.  It’s time now to implement your thoughts and apply them to action for the next glorious phase of fully experiencing what is coming together, and coming forth now to feel, know and live.  Yes, it is time to live your glorious desires and dreams, to fully experience them from a physical reality where they now take on a new and expanded version of the experience.  Everything comes together here dear ones, to support this process and see this through for you, to have and to hold from this moment forward, as your unique experience.  Within it, is a gift just for you, a memory to last a lifetime!

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