No Day But Today

What are you questioning here; can the words just be what they are?  Does there have to be some other meaning in-between what is simply stated here?  No day but today, you think “if this is it then what else is there to say or discuss here”?  Start with, how do you feel about the simplicity of these words?  Do you feel uneasy with simple and easy? If so, what is it that you are looking for here?  More words, more thoughts, some drama or explanation for this to be even discussed?  Dear ones, you are not being pinned down here or held back against your will by the context of these four words.  You are free to roam about and extend your understanding of this phrase as large, bold or grand as you feel the need.  Let loose here; go ahead, there’s no better time as there is no day but today. Yes, go ahead, you can relax about what clutters your head with the tomorrow’s agenda, and you can completely liberate yourself from any and all unwanted memories or thoughts about what happened yesterday.  Yes, you can even break this down to a moment-by-moment basis.  The Truth is there is only now, right now, right where you are, who you are and everything that brought you to this now moment or day.

Today is exact and perfect, you are truly free moment-to-moment, just detach and move on.  This mere twenty-four hour time span, so designed by you, is used as a way for you to measure or judge.  Maybe you take score on a day-to-day basis of “good” or “bad”, “did do” or “didn’t do” or maybe you just allow each day to become a magical gift of unknowns and new mysteries to unravel.  Maybe you see the mornings that you wake up as a complete moment of Truth that allows you to start fresh and brand new after a long beauty rest.  How invigorating and refreshing this makes one feel to see their new day this way.  All is your choice in perspective dear ones.  Either way you see it, today is all there really is.  So what will today be for you?  Can you embrace the simplicity being offered here and completely free yourself right here and now, without even waiting for another new day?  If so, bravo for you, as you will find that with this wisdom of the now moment just how full your life can be.  No, not empty or stagnant, full, more full than any other way of considering yourself or whereabouts at this moment in time.

The simplicity of this here frees you to truly live each ticking moment.  As you are more aware of what is present in your “simple” present, there is a dimensional aspect that can take place from the connection made between mind, body and Spirit.  There is a clear and pure conscious awareness that can prevail which not only fills, but overflows your thoughts and ideas with new energies, not able to be accessed before.  If one can remain in this simple mode of “moment-to-moment”, “one day at a time”, your focus can produce razor sharp clarity with all that is available and accessible during each moment.  If one is distracted and scattered by their past or future, “what is” flies by unseen, unrecognized and diminished into nothingness, as it is not acknowledged.  One is simply left with emptiness or uncertainty from thoughts of yesterdays or distracting concerns from thoughts about tomorrows.  Do you see now how acknowledging “there is no day but today” brings you unlimited possibilities, that once noted will become opportunities to come forward in an overflowing abundance for fulfillment?  How much could you create here in your “here and now” focus dear ones?  Beyond anything you can imagine, is the answer.  So, let’s start again, there is no day but today, love it, live it fully and know that you are blessed beyond words to make it anything you choose it to be! Enjoy!

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