Simply Let It Be

Whisper words of wisdom, let it be…no pushing, no struggling, no frustration, just pure letting it all be present.  Everything coming forward into your world right now embraces all that you are asking for.  Do you believe that?  Can you let this be that simple?  Yes, there is no need for chaos or complicated thoughts and feelings.  A simple take on what is being said here will do just fine.  “No day but today” is full of meaning yet comes forward without complexity, unless you make it that way.  “No way”, you say, “there are many days that a mix and bundle of many situations come forward at once, demanding my minds attention or physical hands on”.  “There’s no way to get around chaos and entanglements, they are imposed and must be dealt with”.

Dear ones, do you believe that there would be only one way to see the meaning of these four words?  Do you feel the only Truth is that “no day but today” will always carry complications, as life is very present in both the past and the future?  Do you feel that living in this “now” day-frame of reference is acting in complete denial and irresponsibility?  What’s lead you to this deduction?  Somewhere there is a root to this formed answer.  Do you see that once one can embrace this “now” concept of a twenty-four hour time frame being the only reality, that in Truth, you have just expanded your position and thought flow?  To refine your focus into a state of direct attention and awareness, you have just liberated your entire thought process to be everything it can be, in its fullest potential.  With your focus devoted to even one spec of the “day” frame of reference, you have just opened yourself to innumerable new doors and avenues that can now be addressed, elaborated on and formed into new thought.  When one is tied up in the past “has been” energies, this will be what zaps your current energies.  If one is struggling to understand their future outplay, now they are engrossed in scenarios that one is not prepared to fulfill yet.  Everything happens in your “now” thus can you see how important it would be to be fully present here in this “now”, this moment, hour or even day?

Each day gives you a time frame that begins and ends a way to move forward and through your journey, to unravel and reveal the many pieces to your life’s plan and purpose.  Seeing your life through the eyes of “one day” allows you to take notice of what is truly present right now just for you, gifts, resources and talents that can be utilized as they become understood by you, for you.  All that is awakened on this “day” frame of time can be available to prepare for another new day, a day that still remains a mystery yet one that you may come to meet and greet upon awakening refreshed and integrated, from the day you are laying to rest.  Simple, yes very simple, and once practiced there will only be a joy in what comes forth in its abundance everyday for you, since you will now see it, know it and understand it, because you are awakened to its simplicity of just being.

So just let it be dear ones, as it will all come right to you no strings attached, one day at a time.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Simply Let It Be

  1. Jenn

    I love this one so much………….a great reminder that life is supposed to be easy if you live it in the now!

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