What’s In Your Mirror?

As you “look” do you “see”, as each is their own defining action?  One may look, as in glance or view, but what is actually seen can only be defined by the looker.  As one may see the exact same situation from a whole different perspective, this does not make one right and the other wrong.  This is where one comes to realize they have free-will and free choice.  There are many ways to describe the same situation or vision dear ones.  The question here is “How do you see yourself”? If you were to walk into a room full of strangers, how do you think they would define you, inside and out, with only just having met you?  What if they could only shower you with numerous compliments, one right after the other?  What if they just felt that they needed to tell you they thought you were an amazing person, loving, generous and kind?  How do you feel you would accept their generous compliments and showering niceties?  Would you immediately deny them, ward them off or attempt to downplay the meaning of their grand nature?  Would you begin to feel the need to explain your background and expose past events you felt were of a much lower caliber in your nature, just to be sure they were not deceived by their own first impressions?

Is this what happens when you look into the mirror dear ones?  Each new day or closing evening, as you glance and observe the reflection in the mirror, are the very first thoughts how beautiful you are or are there an immediate rolling of your own eyes in harsh criticism to the one staring back at you?  Where do your eyes look, into your own eyes to recognize the Light of your Soul and Spirit within, or is it to the faults or perceived lack of characteristics you see drastically changing beyond your control?  Is love your intention every time you stop to glance and look at the one in the mirror?  Do you see only love, Light and beauty in all that is reflecting back at you?

Dear ones, the choice is yours, the conscious decisions must be made here, right now, to embrace with all the love in your heart, Soul and being the one staring back at you.  This is your responsibility to you.  This is your job to be sure you are embraced, loved and nurtured with the utmost kindness and compassion.  There is no other that can love you this way.  There is no other that knows the beauty of your complexity in all that you are, in all that you have come to share with this world.  It is up to you to make a conscious intention to see yourself with loving eyes each and every opportunity you get.

So, next time you stop to take a peak, a glance, or a long deep look at yourself, open your heart to the one who looks back at you, as you are their saving grace.

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