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Seize Your Time To Live!

Never ever give up dear ones, never ever set yourself up to be a victim of your own experiences, no matter how difficult, never look ahead and believe that you can’t keep going on.  Nothing, no experience is worth you giving up, or giving in, to thoughts of doom or failure.  You cannot ever fail, there is no such Truth.  You are always given an opportunity to grow and learn, to evolve and rise above any experience you have chosen to engage in.  Life is short no matter how you look at it, each and every moment becomes an opportunity to seize your time to live, to be love, to meet and greet new elements and situations to better your life, or to find love, peace and joy.  Go ahead, question yourself, question your situation, but do so with an open heart and an open mind, in doing so you allow the Truth to come forward in its fullness and clarity, to make it known in service to your joy and finding your Truth within you.

Life is only magical yet, as you experience the many elements and situations, your own perspective will shift and change.  One begins to find new ways to look at old hurts, past pain and suffering, loss or feelings of lack, all of which can now be readjusted, or renewed, into the Truth at hand.  The Truth that is key and important for the present experience you are in, no matter how difficult.  You see, whether it be difficult or on the other side of the scale, very joyous, either way what it is you are experiencing will need to be trusted by you.  Either way, one would need to assess with an open heart and an open mind to fully receive the benefits and blessings being brought forth from your choice in engaging in this time of your life, in this matter-of-fact way.  Thus you begin to understand and realize that if one chooses to remain disengaged from their own chosen experience they will never receive the ultimate gift of being a participant, or its future benefits of strength, courage, love or joy, that could only be realized from being engaged at this present moment in time.

So you see dear ones, never stop moving forward.  If you fall, if you get stuck, if you take a wrong turn somewhere down the line, know that simply dusting your woes away will allow you to immediately start anew and onto a path that will only bring changes for the better, including abundant opportunities to heal yourself along the way.  Thus, the future is only brighter, better, stronger and solid on all levels as you live and breathe your life.  Never give up dear ones, instead see the precious gift of your life challenges as magical opportunities to create that life you dream of, as you move past any and all obstacles that would not fit your best version of your vision of amazing!

Dusting Ourself Off After A Difficult Experience

What happens after you have just come out from a life experience that challenged you and every limitation or boundary you presently had?  Are you still breathing?  Is your heart still beating?  All is a good sign that you are now ready to complete one phase or life chapter, and move, flow or step right into the next new chapter of your life.  Would you say that starting anything new one would want it to be a positive, happy, loving and joy-filled experience?  It is unlikely one would want to move into their next new life chapter feeling dark, fear-filled, heavy and negative.  Dear ones, do you see and understand where this is going?  Do you see and understand where you are going?  Do you understand that your life, on the whole, will deliver many difficult challenges or opportunities to learn and grow?  This time, in its perception, is just a small segment of your journey and yet can bear a very large package, or gift, of a learning experience.  So, back to what was originally asked, what does one do after a difficult and more than usual challenging experience in their life?  The answer is simple dear ones, heal.   Your next steps into your new phase, or chapter of growth and learning, usually begins with some very valuable and Divine moments to heal yourself.

In healing one just simply steps right into their next “new” with their heart wide open to what is now coming forth to renew, balance and deliver healing harmonious energies that may be utilized to bring them into their new integrated wholeness.  It is here one can feel, sense and know, that what actually occurred and felt extremely difficult on all levels is, in Truth, a Divine gift of expanding one’s awareness and “tuning-in” abilities to what is now available; that which is healthy, loving and compassionate toward their own self, path and journey forward.  In these next new moments and forward movement the healing can be allowed to take place through the understanding of all the pieces of that experience coming forth with a new perspective (or, in hindsight, a bigger picture) of what had actually occurred.  One is now potentially able to dust their self off of all their past negativity, dark and heavy feelings that surround whatever difficulties they had experienced and can clear the heaviness by releasing what no longer feels good, or is serving their Highest and greatest joy.

Yes dear ones, assess and brush away the dust (or old reality) of your challenges and take a new look at who you are now, along with what is now readily waiting for you to recognize and seize as your moment of Truth.  This is the Truth that you are still ready and able to renew yourself and your commitment to your life path and journey, with a free, happy, loving and joy-filled heart.  Knowing that what “was” is now in the past and with a simple start of brushing away the old residue of what no longer feels good, one is ready to move on into their next new beginning, with a flowing love-of-self and a joy-filled heart that will only attract more of what is now desired and dreamed to be real and readily available for an amazing life.  Don’t stop now, “to be continued” resonates with joy, love and laughter every time!

Recognizing The Value In Each Other

In showing up all are served…you see now how important each life is in their own individual response to their call to come forward, to step up and step into their own individual pathways and response-ability to do so,  a gift to all.  An abundance of love and shared values to be received now for many days to come, this is what the purpose of a memory is.  Memories are created by each and every Soul that makes the conscious effort to do so, conscious effort is the key note.  As more are awakened to their conscious state of giftedness, power and beauty, the more that will be touched and graced by the exponential sharing of their giftedness, to give love and receive love.  It is all that matters.  As the heart opens to love the Light is received and the Soul is illuminated.  So many walk their days in their shadows of their past, too afraid to let love in for fear of disappointment, being hurt or to suffer from their own illusive lack of Light.  But, as one can open up, trust in their ability and response to the call to love, they will flourish like a new flower bud, passionately and patiently, to unfold in its right and proper time.

All is Divine as the Light of love nourishes and propels each individual to their Highest and Best Way of being in their world.  Here is where the extraordinary, the profound, or the exceptional may burst forth to ignite and inspire the many Souls around them.  Here is where the exceptional comes to Light within and can now be recognized and honored for its Divine brilliance and gifts, for the world at large.  Yes, this is all an exponential connecting of Soul Lights yet now has been made to be seen, known and recognized for all its worth, value and blessings, to be bestowed and shared, one-on-one;  a personal touch to all who reach out awakened and conscious of their new found glory and purpose for being.  Each and every life matters!  Each and every Light beam given out by each and every conscious act to give love and receive love, now carries forward to touch the masses, and to create exceptional and profound memories of love for all who are open and willingly ready to receive it.  Blessings are infinite and carry forward into the future history of all concerned.

The question that only and always remains, “Are you willing to participate in your own life, to show up in your fullness and grand glory of all that you are and have come to be shared, with all that await your presence and gift of a lasting memory in giving and receiving love, in all its extraordinary brilliance?”

Patience: The Will To Wait

Will…willing to…allowing the inevitable…The will is ours, our decision, and our choice to act or not to take action.  Defining “will” or “willingness” one can feel as if there is a test of power or control.  Yes, there is your will and then there is the will of another, or others, yet where does your concern lie here?  What are you afraid to discover around this definition or meaning of “will”?   Will you or won’t you, are they not both the same?  Simply put here, it is your choice to put forward, or extend out, any part of your self that you decide or choose to.  Never is there any one person or thing that can willingly make you do or not do something, you will always be the decider of the action.  If frustration, anxiety or hastiness is impelled within you, do you just will these emotions or feelings away, or do you act on them by willingly reacting to the situation creating them within you?  Understand here, even the situation is not responsible for your will to react or respond, you will be the one to decide what your best course of action would be here.

Here is where your patience may become a present “will” of action.  Yes, here is where you may willingly decide to stop and assess, and while being in a balanced and serene way, seek you best course of action, thus willingly being patient with the present process of circumstances taking place before you.  Is waiting patiently too much of a challenge or hardship, as it comes about and is needed to find your balance and center first, willingly and patiently, in order to capture the fullness of what you are about to experience?  Is the fullness and grand form of whatever present gifted experience coming your way worth the wait, patiently of your own will?  Are you not worth it?  You know the Truth here dear ones, you know the difference between willingly waiting patiently, as you sense good feelings in doing so, and rushing forward haphazardly because you feel you have too much discomfort  to wait, patiently and willingly, to reach that goal or objective, that dream or desire, you have so wanted and worked toward all along.  Do you see here now how anothers will, choice or desire does not truly affect your will to wait patiently or not?  There is not one obstacle in your way here when it comes to your decision of patience dear ones.  Any thought or desire comes forward in its own way and time, and that way or time is what determines the outcome as in its most grand form or in its meekest way.

Some things are worth waiting for, this you know, yet you also know that as you are in that waiting mode you have a choice, or will, to be patient with the enfoldment, or just lose all control of your flow to the wind, because you decide patience is not something worth your time, energy or efforts.  Understand here, either way there will be an outcome and you, dear ones, will be a part of that experience coming forward.  See the path to your willingness to choose patience and, as you do, the rest that follows through and flows forward shall be grand indeed!

Chance vs. Choice

It’s never too late to take a chance, just make the choice to do so.  It all works together; one does not come before the other unless it is decided to do so by you.  Yes dear ones, it is all up to you, what is it that you want to experience?  How would you like to proceed?  Decisions, decisions, yet once decided is it then a choice?  Clearly the two seem to work together, yet even as a choice is made the next step would be out-play, the action.  What does your choice entail?  Is there risk involved?   Isn’t there always a sliding scale of risk or chance?  Of course, once again that would be determined by your own decision or perspective.  If one is taking the time to evaluate and measure their sense of risk or chance then it now becomes an opportunity of another deciding factor.  If this decision is taking a chance, which in truth all decisions are, then what is needed by me to see this decision through?

Simply put here, one can easily let go of such mind thought, as no matter what your odds are, once a decision is decided and your commitment is made to do or not to do, your chances of success are greatest by simply following through with the next steps of appropriate action.  No worries here dear ones, each step taken in any direction is a new step of chance, even if you spent all your time and energy measuring and calculating the outcome that supposedly lies ahead.  The question then remains, what are you waiting for?  Decide to decide, and then take that leap of faith or that next baby step in to your next moment of Truth.  Follow through on your commitment to decide on what it is you feel you now must do, unveil, uncover or embrace.  There’s no time like now to chance the notion that everything is in its Divine and perfect way, and that you were already ready for whatever was next, the exact moment you decided to choose your next steps of action.

No more thought here, kindly and simply find your way to your own understanding of simplicity in choosing to decide what you know is Highest and Best for you.  Hold your heart in your own hands dear ones, and take a chance on you!

Removing Old Relationship Triangulation Strangulation

Turn the lights on dear ones, open your eyes and observe what you are connecting to, and what is connecting to you.  How do these bonds form, from the friendly cashier in the grocery store to a long term lover that continues to be by your side day after day?  Each and every meeting between you and another forms some type of bond, it is the nature of the transaction. Yes, even a brief solid glance into anothers eyes creates a union of Souls that will always remain a part of each participant forever more.  “How can that be”, you ask, “they are strangers, people I don’t even know”?  “How can they be bonded or united with me forever more”?   You are always sharing and reaching out to one another, in your thoughts, in your visualizations or fantasies, or in your actions.  Any thought or direct contact reaches not only the one you hold specifically in your vision but will also reach out to those that are tapped into your same vibration or intention of the thought.

What happens when there are shared relationships or bonds between those you no longer feel good about, those that no longer bring you joy, love, excitement, or well-being?  Why would one stay in such a connection or shared binding relationship?  Through fear, heartache or loneliness one may find their self stuck in a shared relationship that no longer serves them, and thus no longer serves any others involved.  Unhealthiness grows, as depression, anger or resentment set in; leaving all connected parties to dwindle down on a path to despair, a path that only has a dead end.  What then, what is the answer here?  Are all persons involved doomed forever?  No, not even in the least, yet what is now needed is not only needed but necessary, for the Highest and Best for all concerned.  Yes dear ones, this is the time one must make a critical decision and choice to move on, to cut away from the old, stale and choking grasp of what once was a healthy bond or union and move forward, freeing their self once and for all from a past that no longer serves any involved.

All is not lost here, not in the least.  What once was is now a part of you and propels you to new “others”, people and experiences.  You are now able to create new healthy triangle relationships with which to learn new things from all that is now newly connected and flowing, with all that is tied to this new experience.  Those you leave behind may be “just for today’ for as they too come to realize new choices and new decisions for a better and healthier relationship bonding, once again you may reunite in a new way with them, yet here it has now taken you both, and all involved, to new healthier levels of sharing and caring for one another.  Levels where only love, joy, kindness and respect exist once again, until the need to be set free and to move forward happens once again.

No tears dear ones, you are always one with the “All”. Feel and know your place here in the grand scheme of your life and you will see each and every triangle along the way as one delivered to you as a blessing,  of only love, joy and goodness, through and through, until the end of all time.