Removing Old Relationship Triangulation Strangulation

Turn the lights on dear ones, open your eyes and observe what you are connecting to, and what is connecting to you.  How do these bonds form, from the friendly cashier in the grocery store to a long term lover that continues to be by your side day after day?  Each and every meeting between you and another forms some type of bond, it is the nature of the transaction. Yes, even a brief solid glance into anothers eyes creates a union of Souls that will always remain a part of each participant forever more.  “How can that be”, you ask, “they are strangers, people I don’t even know”?  “How can they be bonded or united with me forever more”?   You are always sharing and reaching out to one another, in your thoughts, in your visualizations or fantasies, or in your actions.  Any thought or direct contact reaches not only the one you hold specifically in your vision but will also reach out to those that are tapped into your same vibration or intention of the thought.

What happens when there are shared relationships or bonds between those you no longer feel good about, those that no longer bring you joy, love, excitement, or well-being?  Why would one stay in such a connection or shared binding relationship?  Through fear, heartache or loneliness one may find their self stuck in a shared relationship that no longer serves them, and thus no longer serves any others involved.  Unhealthiness grows, as depression, anger or resentment set in; leaving all connected parties to dwindle down on a path to despair, a path that only has a dead end.  What then, what is the answer here?  Are all persons involved doomed forever?  No, not even in the least, yet what is now needed is not only needed but necessary, for the Highest and Best for all concerned.  Yes dear ones, this is the time one must make a critical decision and choice to move on, to cut away from the old, stale and choking grasp of what once was a healthy bond or union and move forward, freeing their self once and for all from a past that no longer serves any involved.

All is not lost here, not in the least.  What once was is now a part of you and propels you to new “others”, people and experiences.  You are now able to create new healthy triangle relationships with which to learn new things from all that is now newly connected and flowing, with all that is tied to this new experience.  Those you leave behind may be “just for today’ for as they too come to realize new choices and new decisions for a better and healthier relationship bonding, once again you may reunite in a new way with them, yet here it has now taken you both, and all involved, to new healthier levels of sharing and caring for one another.  Levels where only love, joy, kindness and respect exist once again, until the need to be set free and to move forward happens once again.

No tears dear ones, you are always one with the “All”. Feel and know your place here in the grand scheme of your life and you will see each and every triangle along the way as one delivered to you as a blessing,  of only love, joy and goodness, through and through, until the end of all time.

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