Chance vs. Choice

It’s never too late to take a chance, just make the choice to do so.  It all works together; one does not come before the other unless it is decided to do so by you.  Yes dear ones, it is all up to you, what is it that you want to experience?  How would you like to proceed?  Decisions, decisions, yet once decided is it then a choice?  Clearly the two seem to work together, yet even as a choice is made the next step would be out-play, the action.  What does your choice entail?  Is there risk involved?   Isn’t there always a sliding scale of risk or chance?  Of course, once again that would be determined by your own decision or perspective.  If one is taking the time to evaluate and measure their sense of risk or chance then it now becomes an opportunity of another deciding factor.  If this decision is taking a chance, which in truth all decisions are, then what is needed by me to see this decision through?

Simply put here, one can easily let go of such mind thought, as no matter what your odds are, once a decision is decided and your commitment is made to do or not to do, your chances of success are greatest by simply following through with the next steps of appropriate action.  No worries here dear ones, each step taken in any direction is a new step of chance, even if you spent all your time and energy measuring and calculating the outcome that supposedly lies ahead.  The question then remains, what are you waiting for?  Decide to decide, and then take that leap of faith or that next baby step in to your next moment of Truth.  Follow through on your commitment to decide on what it is you feel you now must do, unveil, uncover or embrace.  There’s no time like now to chance the notion that everything is in its Divine and perfect way, and that you were already ready for whatever was next, the exact moment you decided to choose your next steps of action.

No more thought here, kindly and simply find your way to your own understanding of simplicity in choosing to decide what you know is Highest and Best for you.  Hold your heart in your own hands dear ones, and take a chance on you!

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