Patience: The Will To Wait

Will…willing to…allowing the inevitable…The will is ours, our decision, and our choice to act or not to take action.  Defining “will” or “willingness” one can feel as if there is a test of power or control.  Yes, there is your will and then there is the will of another, or others, yet where does your concern lie here?  What are you afraid to discover around this definition or meaning of “will”?   Will you or won’t you, are they not both the same?  Simply put here, it is your choice to put forward, or extend out, any part of your self that you decide or choose to.  Never is there any one person or thing that can willingly make you do or not do something, you will always be the decider of the action.  If frustration, anxiety or hastiness is impelled within you, do you just will these emotions or feelings away, or do you act on them by willingly reacting to the situation creating them within you?  Understand here, even the situation is not responsible for your will to react or respond, you will be the one to decide what your best course of action would be here.

Here is where your patience may become a present “will” of action.  Yes, here is where you may willingly decide to stop and assess, and while being in a balanced and serene way, seek you best course of action, thus willingly being patient with the present process of circumstances taking place before you.  Is waiting patiently too much of a challenge or hardship, as it comes about and is needed to find your balance and center first, willingly and patiently, in order to capture the fullness of what you are about to experience?  Is the fullness and grand form of whatever present gifted experience coming your way worth the wait, patiently of your own will?  Are you not worth it?  You know the Truth here dear ones, you know the difference between willingly waiting patiently, as you sense good feelings in doing so, and rushing forward haphazardly because you feel you have too much discomfort  to wait, patiently and willingly, to reach that goal or objective, that dream or desire, you have so wanted and worked toward all along.  Do you see here now how anothers will, choice or desire does not truly affect your will to wait patiently or not?  There is not one obstacle in your way here when it comes to your decision of patience dear ones.  Any thought or desire comes forward in its own way and time, and that way or time is what determines the outcome as in its most grand form or in its meekest way.

Some things are worth waiting for, this you know, yet you also know that as you are in that waiting mode you have a choice, or will, to be patient with the enfoldment, or just lose all control of your flow to the wind, because you decide patience is not something worth your time, energy or efforts.  Understand here, either way there will be an outcome and you, dear ones, will be a part of that experience coming forward.  See the path to your willingness to choose patience and, as you do, the rest that follows through and flows forward shall be grand indeed!

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