Recognizing The Value In Each Other

In showing up all are served…you see now how important each life is in their own individual response to their call to come forward, to step up and step into their own individual pathways and response-ability to do so,  a gift to all.  An abundance of love and shared values to be received now for many days to come, this is what the purpose of a memory is.  Memories are created by each and every Soul that makes the conscious effort to do so, conscious effort is the key note.  As more are awakened to their conscious state of giftedness, power and beauty, the more that will be touched and graced by the exponential sharing of their giftedness, to give love and receive love.  It is all that matters.  As the heart opens to love the Light is received and the Soul is illuminated.  So many walk their days in their shadows of their past, too afraid to let love in for fear of disappointment, being hurt or to suffer from their own illusive lack of Light.  But, as one can open up, trust in their ability and response to the call to love, they will flourish like a new flower bud, passionately and patiently, to unfold in its right and proper time.

All is Divine as the Light of love nourishes and propels each individual to their Highest and Best Way of being in their world.  Here is where the extraordinary, the profound, or the exceptional may burst forth to ignite and inspire the many Souls around them.  Here is where the exceptional comes to Light within and can now be recognized and honored for its Divine brilliance and gifts, for the world at large.  Yes, this is all an exponential connecting of Soul Lights yet now has been made to be seen, known and recognized for all its worth, value and blessings, to be bestowed and shared, one-on-one;  a personal touch to all who reach out awakened and conscious of their new found glory and purpose for being.  Each and every life matters!  Each and every Light beam given out by each and every conscious act to give love and receive love, now carries forward to touch the masses, and to create exceptional and profound memories of love for all who are open and willingly ready to receive it.  Blessings are infinite and carry forward into the future history of all concerned.

The question that only and always remains, “Are you willing to participate in your own life, to show up in your fullness and grand glory of all that you are and have come to be shared, with all that await your presence and gift of a lasting memory in giving and receiving love, in all its extraordinary brilliance?”

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