Dusting Ourself Off After A Difficult Experience

What happens after you have just come out from a life experience that challenged you and every limitation or boundary you presently had?  Are you still breathing?  Is your heart still beating?  All is a good sign that you are now ready to complete one phase or life chapter, and move, flow or step right into the next new chapter of your life.  Would you say that starting anything new one would want it to be a positive, happy, loving and joy-filled experience?  It is unlikely one would want to move into their next new life chapter feeling dark, fear-filled, heavy and negative.  Dear ones, do you see and understand where this is going?  Do you see and understand where you are going?  Do you understand that your life, on the whole, will deliver many difficult challenges or opportunities to learn and grow?  This time, in its perception, is just a small segment of your journey and yet can bear a very large package, or gift, of a learning experience.  So, back to what was originally asked, what does one do after a difficult and more than usual challenging experience in their life?  The answer is simple dear ones, heal.   Your next steps into your new phase, or chapter of growth and learning, usually begins with some very valuable and Divine moments to heal yourself.

In healing one just simply steps right into their next “new” with their heart wide open to what is now coming forth to renew, balance and deliver healing harmonious energies that may be utilized to bring them into their new integrated wholeness.  It is here one can feel, sense and know, that what actually occurred and felt extremely difficult on all levels is, in Truth, a Divine gift of expanding one’s awareness and “tuning-in” abilities to what is now available; that which is healthy, loving and compassionate toward their own self, path and journey forward.  In these next new moments and forward movement the healing can be allowed to take place through the understanding of all the pieces of that experience coming forth with a new perspective (or, in hindsight, a bigger picture) of what had actually occurred.  One is now potentially able to dust their self off of all their past negativity, dark and heavy feelings that surround whatever difficulties they had experienced and can clear the heaviness by releasing what no longer feels good, or is serving their Highest and greatest joy.

Yes dear ones, assess and brush away the dust (or old reality) of your challenges and take a new look at who you are now, along with what is now readily waiting for you to recognize and seize as your moment of Truth.  This is the Truth that you are still ready and able to renew yourself and your commitment to your life path and journey, with a free, happy, loving and joy-filled heart.  Knowing that what “was” is now in the past and with a simple start of brushing away the old residue of what no longer feels good, one is ready to move on into their next new beginning, with a flowing love-of-self and a joy-filled heart that will only attract more of what is now desired and dreamed to be real and readily available for an amazing life.  Don’t stop now, “to be continued” resonates with joy, love and laughter every time!

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