Seize Your Time To Live!

Never ever give up dear ones, never ever set yourself up to be a victim of your own experiences, no matter how difficult, never look ahead and believe that you can’t keep going on.  Nothing, no experience is worth you giving up, or giving in, to thoughts of doom or failure.  You cannot ever fail, there is no such Truth.  You are always given an opportunity to grow and learn, to evolve and rise above any experience you have chosen to engage in.  Life is short no matter how you look at it, each and every moment becomes an opportunity to seize your time to live, to be love, to meet and greet new elements and situations to better your life, or to find love, peace and joy.  Go ahead, question yourself, question your situation, but do so with an open heart and an open mind, in doing so you allow the Truth to come forward in its fullness and clarity, to make it known in service to your joy and finding your Truth within you.

Life is only magical yet, as you experience the many elements and situations, your own perspective will shift and change.  One begins to find new ways to look at old hurts, past pain and suffering, loss or feelings of lack, all of which can now be readjusted, or renewed, into the Truth at hand.  The Truth that is key and important for the present experience you are in, no matter how difficult.  You see, whether it be difficult or on the other side of the scale, very joyous, either way what it is you are experiencing will need to be trusted by you.  Either way, one would need to assess with an open heart and an open mind to fully receive the benefits and blessings being brought forth from your choice in engaging in this time of your life, in this matter-of-fact way.  Thus you begin to understand and realize that if one chooses to remain disengaged from their own chosen experience they will never receive the ultimate gift of being a participant, or its future benefits of strength, courage, love or joy, that could only be realized from being engaged at this present moment in time.

So you see dear ones, never stop moving forward.  If you fall, if you get stuck, if you take a wrong turn somewhere down the line, know that simply dusting your woes away will allow you to immediately start anew and onto a path that will only bring changes for the better, including abundant opportunities to heal yourself along the way.  Thus, the future is only brighter, better, stronger and solid on all levels as you live and breathe your life.  Never give up dear ones, instead see the precious gift of your life challenges as magical opportunities to create that life you dream of, as you move past any and all obstacles that would not fit your best version of your vision of amazing!

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