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Establishing Truth Through The Eye of The Beholder

See through the eye of the beholder, see what they see.  They will see what is being presented to them.  What are you presenting, exhibiting or emitting?  How would you look at yourself, as if through their eyes, and describe what you see or feel about yourself?  Here is a way to come to an understanding of your own frame of mind, to understand how you see yourself, or would like others to see you.  Is it authentic and true, honest and sincere?  What might you be holding back or trying to hide?  Are you able to be fully open and revealing, easygoing in nature and unaffected by worry of something being exposed?  What if this beholder has a keen insight, is highly sensitive and feels with a strong knowing of unresisting Truth?  Would you shy away from them or would you be willing to let them come in close to you?

Your response to these questions becomes your frame of mind, this is what you are validating with each and every person you meet and greet.  Without spelling it out here, you might not have even thought about it until now, and will the next time another (new) beholder comes into your life-space.  Whether it is in the grocery store or at your local restaurant, you can now be aware how another person is seeing you.  For as you do you will come to understand how you are seeing and thinking about yourself, what thoughts you are consistently using to validate your self-worth and importance, in who you are or who you are not.  You will begin to recognize that each person you are blessed to meet and greet along your path comes with a purpose and meaning, shared between the two of you.

You see each one person is able to take notice of what they are beholding through their own eyes and come to know what they see by how they are feeling about what is coming forth to them.  The more one attempts to hide their full expression the more visible they become, as the beholder will sense and know there is more to be revealed, by the one they behold.  Thus as you come to recognize the importance of your own full expression and exposure of authentic self and Truth, you will then compel all others beholding you to fully and openly express their full True and authentic self.  Here, each beholds the other without any question or concern in sharing fully in the relationship now unfolding before them.  All are free to just “be” while remaining focused on establishing a deeper, fuller relationship waiting to be exposed and shared.  All is in its Divine time yet begins with the openness of all that you are, as the rest just follows in abundance and wholeness as each individual is validated in their authentically framed mind of Truth.

Frame of Mind: Validating our Thoughts

No excuses! Decide on your path and then follow through!  This is how all the elements come together to create the form or outcome you desire.  Realize here you are at a point on your path where your opportunities meet all your preparations.  It is here where you come to know, or awaken to, the Truth of your new alignment to all that is now available for you to tap into.  Here you come to realize that everything you had previously experienced or endured, even what has evolved, is now made visible to your understanding of who you are and have become.  Here is where one can now trust, at a deeper level, that all that has occurred has been for a purpose, with a deeper meaning beyond that purpose.  This is where one is now validated as grown, evolved and matured inside and outside their self and on all levels of their being.  Glorious moments of Truth are revealed here without any attachments or conditions what-so-ever.  Here one is purely and completely free, as a whole and integrated being of Light and Love, all of which is now validated within the center of your mind.

How does one know this validation process?  One knows this when they will no longer feel a resistance to their progress or forward movement.  It is at this point one is truly free in a full and conscious way, without any doubts, fears or worries.  They are knowingly and joyously fully present in their present, in their True “now” moments, and feeling no restraints, limitations or restrictions what-so-ever.  Does this seem impossible?  Not at all, this is an on-going occurrence that unfolds over time in its own natural and authentic way.  Thus, one will not usually recognize or realize the on-going process until they have either reached an obstacle or obstruction or have achieved completion and integration of the process.  Keep in mind your mind is what requires this validation, the Spirit always knows the Truth at hand.  There’s no reason to become unreasonable or frustrated if you are not able to move smoothly throughout this process of achieving validation.  Remain calm and continue to move forward making progress through all that you feel is holding you back, restricting or limiting you in any way.  You will then, at some point, come through this challenging time only to find yourself meeting with what is now new and ready for your next phase of “it’s a wonderful life”.

Your frame of mind will now frame your mind with new thought and new action more viable and in alignment with what you have already become, as validation shall come forth to ensure your timely process and full transition, from “there” to “right here and now”.  Rest assured you are now ready for the development of your next new frame of life, in your mind and being manifested into form, as you think your next new thoughts of being upon your new path of glory.

7 Powerful Ways to Creating Vital Life Changes

Color can shape, change, and give order and continuity to our living experience and energetic essence.  Most of us stick to our same (comfortable) color schemes expressed through the clothes we wear, the paint choices for our rooms, the flowers blooming in our yards, the art work we surround our self with, even the fruits and vegetables we eat.  Most of us will fight or resist the thought of making any type of change to that “norm”.

You can now easily free yourself and let your true colors come shining through, to color your world in a fresh new way, uninhibited by any “fear of change”.  With a little attention to how you are feeling inside yourself and blending and mixing the “powers” of any of the 7 colors below,  you can be well on your way to creating those new changes calling to you right now.

RED: Stimulates our appetite, our passions, energy, strength and drive.  It can stimulate our manifesting and our security in the material world.  Red counters fatigue by transforming our emotions into action.

ORANGE: Can be used as a means of attraction, it acts like a strong magnetic force and creates motivation and excitement.  It can stimulate our need to achieve and be successful.  Orange also entices increased absorption of nutrients and vital substances in our body.

YELLOW: Stimulates happiness, hope, growth and mental clarity.  It represents our power and feelings of being in control.  Yellow can be used to counteract depression or mental blocks and can be a great source for boosting energy metabolism.

GREEN: Links our mind with our emotions and our abilities to give and receive love in our relationships.  It represents healing, new beginnings, flowing abundance, tolerance, sympathy and gratitude.  Green generates inner peace.

BLUE: Stimulates emotional balance, harmony, courage and open, honest, and sincere communications.  Blue aids in meditation and decision-making and in experiencing serenity and emotional protection.

PURPLE: Heightens our intuition and access to our Higher/Spiritual Self, self-confidence, and feelings of royalty/sovereignty, our power and authority.  Purple combines the energy of RED and the calm direction of BLUE.

Point of View…Everything Has an Origin

Trace it back, do your research and pay attention to what is really going on.  It is not unusual for most individuals to go about their day without any thought to where all the elements of their experience began.  The car they may drive was built from raw materials.  The tree that is growing in their front yard started from a small seed that came from somewhere…another adult tree perhaps?  What about your life?  Day-to-day one goes about making choices, judging their interactions, and seeing their world through their own eyes based on their own experience.  Most rarely will stop to expand upon the perceived starting point of any one particular thing or experience.  Why is that?  Yes, the past is the past yet do you not, on a day-to-day basis, think of something from that past?  A memory of someone, a thought about what someone had said or a feeling about some experience you had endured?  Stop now and think, if you were to take a few more moments of your time and attempt to trace those thoughts, memories or feelings back as far as you could go, to where you felt was their point of origin, do you not feel that you would have a completely different view on them?  Once the history of any situation is just partially understood the opportunity for a “bigger picture” becomes available.

A “bigger picture” allows one to tie together loose ends of any situation or experience, giving that experience a much deeper meaning and opportunity to draw wisdom of the heart.  Yes, this is where love can illuminate the situation, the memory, or the experience, as one will come to see, know, or understand that love is a part of its origin, always.  Every single thing will have love as its cellular or energetic makeup, as there is no other way to create something.  The evidence never lies and the origin of all that you are and all of which you interact with begins with the element of love.  It’s just that simple!

Bring It On or Let It Be

Time to cash in on those “frequent flyer miles” you have been saving up.  Are not savings meant to be utilized at some point along the way?  One who’s been given an opportunity to grow and evolve must first step up to the plate of their new plane of action.  Preparation and practice have been a key element during the savings process, whether you’ve been saving your energies for more fruitful activities or you’ve been saving your time to apply to those activities that you’ve felt needed to be addressed now, verses later.  Either way do you see how savings of time or energy have been an illusion all along?  There is no preservation of that which flows freely and abundantly.  All needed or necessary resources are always able to be tapped into; they are always at your disposal.  Remove your distractions from your creative process and open yourself fully to all that is in your True present to be utilized right here and now.

Thus, back to the concept of savings, one always intuitively knows when it is time to save and when it is time to flow your resources.  One’s own discernment and tuning-in abilities will guide them as to what is the appropriate action at that time.  There is always going to be ebb and flow, decrease and increase, yet either way there is a flow involved, whether it is a flow to save and conserve or a flow to share and give out.  The balance that comes from this process of giving and saving now defines your next level, or plane of action.  How far one can go here will only be determined by how far one is willing to put their self forward and into their own flow of movement and progress, where “now” becomes a new focus or plane of action.  In Truth you are always in a natural organic state of ebb and flow yet, once your mind or conscious awareness grabs hold of the steering wheel, it is here that your own old limitations and restrictions can kick in and put a restraint on how far you are able to take yourself on this new plane of action.  By removing all stops you may feel a high risk as stored resources and “savings of one’s self” for just that right time, to do this or that, is now no longer a factor and all that counts is your movement forward in development of your new plane of action.  Scary?…maybe.  Fear driven?…sometimes.  Yet know at this point your only choices become narrowed, as it would involve putting everything you’ve got into the process of creating your new plane of action, or to just sit still on your stored savings of time and energy.

You are able to address this now by approaching your next steps of action with the intention of determination and commitment, to all that you now dream and desire.  Drive yourself to the point of strong forward movement and momentum.  Here there will be no stopping you.  Here you will only add confidence to the mixture of what is being saved and what is being utilized.  Your heart knows what is best for you always.  Now it is time, more than ever, to trust your instincts in order to create this next new level or plane of action, to be in its most grand form possible.  It is all up to you, yet a simple “yes” or “no” could be all it takes, to now experience life in its “ultimate”!  “Bring it on” or “Let it be”…you decide!

Creating a New Plane of Action

Action, reaction, response…on what level and at what depth are you relating to your environment, to your situation, to your life, or to your world?  Do you take the time to stop and assess what may be just taken for granted because it feels “normal” and without any discrepancies?  Have you been taking the easy route for so long that making any changes or adventuring into “unknown” territory would feel too much of a burden for you?  Are you running and hiding from what attempts to take you to new depths of understanding and involvement in your day-to-day life?  There are always plenty of surface level aspects in your current situation or environment that will keep your attention or focus without any thought to what you are feeling or experiencing.  Do you resent the call to do more, the request that comes strong and powerful from the Universe that says “Hey, where are you going here” and “what else do you feel you could create in this scenario?”  Is there a strong pull to flow and process deep thoughts or excessive emotions that leave you feeling over-exposed and vulnerable?  Can you see this as a time to develop and evolve or are you too busy resenting having to go through any passage of depth and severity?

Take a good look now around you.  Do you see that you have traveled through many transitional experiences, most of which have brought you to a critical mass once or twice, that have allowed you to find new, deeper, understanding and wisdom of the heart, that had not been able to be noted until that leap into a whole new level of your living experience?  What some may call a “leap of faith” others may just build a bridge to walk across, either way one is taking a stand to move on and create new levels of experiencing their life.  It is then, once noted that one is in their new plane of action, immediately new resources begin to show up in support of the new quest for a deeper and unknown life experience.  Acknowledging your desire to do so will take you right there, no need to “click your heels” or “wave a magic wand”.  Your heart knows the way and, once inspired, the flame of desire is lit to motivate and propel you forward, on into the “new”, the “deep”, the “mysterious” and the “unknown”.

A new plane of action begins to unfold all on its own as your acceptance for the “unknown” becomes stronger and stronger.  As your new instincts kick-in to recognize your new levels to be experienced you are then only a step-by-step approach away from experiencing all that is now “brand new”.  “Revelations”…”enlightenment”…whatever you term it or attempt to define it, you are now in a new plane and what is available cannot be known; only discovered and experienced.  Welcome to your new world!

5 Easy Steps to Having an Enlightened Day!

You wake up in the morning; you open your eyes and suddenly realize you’ve been given a new day to live your life.  Awesome!  Now what?  How do you go about to making this day one of the BEST days of your life?

Here are five EASY steps to having an enlightened day…

1. MOTIVATE! Start with an intention, your firm “no-excuses” commitment to the next 24 hour time frame.  No more than that.  If you hit a wall at any point in that 24 hours (and you most likely will) re-commit by saying to yourself “Just for today I will not let anything stop me!”.

2. CREATE! Find a focus.  A great way to find a focus is to get you a dictionary.  With your eyes shut, randomly open up the dictionary and point to a word.  That word will be your focus for those 24 hours.  Review the definition and just let it sit with you.  You will automatically draw your attention to what you need most regarding your new focus and you will expand your vocabulary in the process.

3. INTUIT! While getting dressed and ready to start your day try to eliminate as much background noise, distractions, chatter as you can.  This is your “free-association” time.  Pay attention to what is going on in your head.  Have a tablet nearby to write down “good ideas” or random thought suggestions like “I wonder how so-n-so is doing” or “I need to call mom today” or “I think I will have lunch at such-n-such restaurant today”.  Everything coming through your mind is inspiring action around your intention for an enlightened day.  Some of my most brilliant “AHA” moments come in the bathroom!

4. DECIDE! At any time while you are getting ready think of one thing you will be grateful for ALL DAY, that you won’t lose sight of NO MATTER WHAT!  Write it down if you need to.

5. EXECUTE! Follow through!  Even if you are faced with what you feel is the most difficult/challenging day of your life, look at everything from the focus/perspective of your new word and the one thing you are grateful for.  You will automatically attract everything you need to stay on track and open to all the necessary creative answers/directions you may need to navigate yourself easily, lovingly and peacefully through your enlightened day… that could change the course of your life forever…

Conquer Procrastination!

How sweet it can be as you just follow through to your next steps of action.  No doubts, no fears, no hesitation, just a free feeling of knowing you must move forward, taking one step, then another, and then another.  What happens when one gets caught up in their next steps of action?  What is it that will cause a dead-stop to the flow of feeling good in all that is presently unfolding in its natural way?  Here lies the key, the mind begins to cast its spell of uncertainty as to what may or may not be taking place and thus, the response to uncertainty becomes hesitation.  With hesitation comes the cracks of more doubt, and now even the presence of fear may set in.  A time to re-assess, yet one must realize this first.  What happens during procrastination is that all clarity becomes clouded over or lost.  One loses sight of their Truth and original intention for their movement or direct action.  Hesitation and procrastination becomes a way to dally in indecision, yet even here one is not deciding to decide or not to decide, but is just at a standstill, while the confusion builds all around them.  One may now decide to take responsibility, to avoid further procrastination yet, even then, they must be aware of their own vacillating behavior in order to make a change in what is now occurring as a “lost cause”.

Wake up here dear ones; decide something even if it is to do nothing.  From that conscious stand you are now open to a multitude of options since your awareness levels are in tune with your now moments in “real” time.  You see, here most procrastination is caused from a turned focus from your “now” moment to your past or future.  Here, in either past or future, one is basing their instincts and choices on whether what was or what they think will be.  The Truth is never revealed in its fullness as the Truth lies in the now (real) time frame.  Once one rediscovers their focus on what is here and now, procrastination will vanish immediately, as there is no need when the many choices begin to show their self.  The ease of the movement becomes evident once again, clarity excels in its integrity and the momentum forward can pick up, creating more certainty and confidence in the forward action taking place.

This does not mean one can never decide to stop along the way upon their path, for a breath, for a new direction, or for a rest, yet know as you do, you are able to get right back on track and begin, immediately and consciously, upon the road you were traveling in full force and power of all that you are.  No procrastination means you are free and freedom will leave you open and ready for more freedom, along with the joy of feeling good, as you have now conquered the obstacles of procrastination, and opened yourself to another juicy opportunity to move forward, happy, wise and awake, for what is next to be considered for your new steps forward.

Begin again with your eyes wide open and take it all in dear ones.  It is your opportunity now to fully experience your life in its grandest form yet!