Conquer Procrastination!

How sweet it can be as you just follow through to your next steps of action.  No doubts, no fears, no hesitation, just a free feeling of knowing you must move forward, taking one step, then another, and then another.  What happens when one gets caught up in their next steps of action?  What is it that will cause a dead-stop to the flow of feeling good in all that is presently unfolding in its natural way?  Here lies the key, the mind begins to cast its spell of uncertainty as to what may or may not be taking place and thus, the response to uncertainty becomes hesitation.  With hesitation comes the cracks of more doubt, and now even the presence of fear may set in.  A time to re-assess, yet one must realize this first.  What happens during procrastination is that all clarity becomes clouded over or lost.  One loses sight of their Truth and original intention for their movement or direct action.  Hesitation and procrastination becomes a way to dally in indecision, yet even here one is not deciding to decide or not to decide, but is just at a standstill, while the confusion builds all around them.  One may now decide to take responsibility, to avoid further procrastination yet, even then, they must be aware of their own vacillating behavior in order to make a change in what is now occurring as a “lost cause”.

Wake up here dear ones; decide something even if it is to do nothing.  From that conscious stand you are now open to a multitude of options since your awareness levels are in tune with your now moments in “real” time.  You see, here most procrastination is caused from a turned focus from your “now” moment to your past or future.  Here, in either past or future, one is basing their instincts and choices on whether what was or what they think will be.  The Truth is never revealed in its fullness as the Truth lies in the now (real) time frame.  Once one rediscovers their focus on what is here and now, procrastination will vanish immediately, as there is no need when the many choices begin to show their self.  The ease of the movement becomes evident once again, clarity excels in its integrity and the momentum forward can pick up, creating more certainty and confidence in the forward action taking place.

This does not mean one can never decide to stop along the way upon their path, for a breath, for a new direction, or for a rest, yet know as you do, you are able to get right back on track and begin, immediately and consciously, upon the road you were traveling in full force and power of all that you are.  No procrastination means you are free and freedom will leave you open and ready for more freedom, along with the joy of feeling good, as you have now conquered the obstacles of procrastination, and opened yourself to another juicy opportunity to move forward, happy, wise and awake, for what is next to be considered for your new steps forward.

Begin again with your eyes wide open and take it all in dear ones.  It is your opportunity now to fully experience your life in its grandest form yet!


5 thoughts on “Conquer Procrastination!

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